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The first run in forever

Ever since I thought of the title for this blog I’ve had that song ‘first time in forever’ from Frozen in my head. It won’t go away, not that I’m complaining, I am a disney nerd after all! 353 more words


10 Reasons To Run

There are so many reasons why I think you should give running a try. Here are a few: no monthly fees, you can do it anywhere, you can start at any level, it makes you feel good, it’s alone time, it’s friend time, no one is in your face yelling at you, an extra bowl of ice cream, to breath fresh air, to improve your cardiovascular fitness, build stronger bones…I can keep going. 1,683 more words

Womens Running

Running for Pizza - 7 Healthy Tips

I used to always say “I love running, but I clearly also love eating and it looks like eating is winning” as I was always semi self-conscious / embarrassed to say I was a runner. 1,412 more words


A look back at 2016...

I’m going to get this out of the way early: in terms of running 2016 was a bust for me. My Olympic Trials performance was terrible. 1,554 more words


2017 Ultra: Day 69

03 DECEMBER 2016

A nice frigid morning for a 5 mile run. My pace was okay, but I felt pretty good. My body finally seems to be getting back into shape after my rest week. 84 more words


It has been a LONG minute

Man, oh man. People are right, once you stop something,  it really is hard to get back into it. In my case, this applies to update this blog (as well as my personal blog page). 424 more words


Right foot, left foot, repeat. Life requires an aid station or two...

Following the Chicago Marathon this year, I had a specific blog post in mind, but it never got written… I thought I would write about perseverance. 932 more words