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24in48 Readathon Kickoff!

So, here we are. Another 24in48 Readathon is about to begin. I have been waiting all Summer for this, to be quite honest, and if all goes well it will likely be the highlight of the season… as sad as some of you may find that. 95 more words

Long Live the Last Drive-In: Shudder announces another visit from Joe Bob Briggs!

If you fancy yourself any sort of horror fan, you know the name Joe Bob Briggs. You also know that Shudder hosted Mr. Briggs last weekend for what was hailed as “The Last Drive-In”, a chance for fans to get one last glorious 24-hour marathon of horror movies from one of America’s favorite monster movie hosts. 353 more words


Run Log 2018-07-20

On Tap

  • Off Season Update
  • Off Season Ending Soon!
  • Future of the Blog
Off Season Update

It’s been a while since I posted a run log update. 858 more words


running & fitness-- where I've been and where I'm going

It’s been a while since I felt “into” running. I started running in 6th grade, kept running competitively through college, and about one year ago I almost completely stopped running. 676 more words


16K at slowest-ever!

So yesterday was my long run day and now I’m at 16k = 10 miles. With morning temperatures well above 35 Celsius, I decided to go for run at sunset. 250 more words


It's been a while...

It’s been over a year since I wrote a blog post and that’s surprising as I have several thousand under my belt, featuring in a couple of blogs I’ve published. 314 more words


Barefoot Running: Day One

I would call myself an experienced runner. I have three marathons completed, currently training for my fourth marathon and looking forward to doing a half-Iron Man next August. 363 more words