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100 days til Boston

The start of this week marked 100 days until the Boston marathon and the week also began our 100 day til London Marathon countdown too. … 477 more words

I did it!!!

You guys. Today was tough. Not even gonna lie. I wanted to quit so badly. My left IT band and hamstring were acting up, and I was nervous and exhausted simultaneously. 83 more words


´╗┐Boston training a-go-go

15 weeks til Boston…

AM: 45 minute slow flow yoga class at Milton Keynes’ Sweat Studios. Review to come.
Lunch: 30 mins weights at home – mostly upper body. 304 more words

Part 2: Live Blogging Disney Marathon Weekend

Whew, yesterday was a veritable whirlwind!

In addition to being awake for literally 24 hours, I was traipsing around the Expo and later EPCOT, which was fun but definitely not relaxing. 822 more words


Running Getting-to-Know-You

I found this questionnaire on bravelittlerunner‘s blog and thought it would be fun! I’ve tweaked the questions a bit to customize them to my racing history. 837 more words


Isn't running bad for your knees?

Some things to remember for beginners of any workout program, not just running.

  • Get a health check or physical performed by your GP.
  • Purchase proper running shoes, get your gait (in short, pattern of movement of your limbs) checked by a local running store.
  • 125 more words

2017 Goals

Just putting my ‘qualifications’ on the table. Key races below:

First 5k (November 2009) 36:32. Best (April 2012):20:14
First half marathon (April 2011) 1:47:41. Best (August 2013) 1:38:28… 74 more words