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Why Am I So Tired?

I just woke up from a 2-hour nap.  I am drinking a diet coke trying to wake up before my kids get home.  Why am I so tired?   355 more words


The Other Side.

Today I woke up in a “blah” mood.  I was not in the mood to be positive.  I was not in the mood to be strong.   499 more words


Leave My Skin Alone!

As I continue this blog, I am getting braver.  The first picture shows the darkened discoloration of the skin underneath my breast.  The skin is colored this way underneath both breasts but only one side is necessary to show that something systemic is going on.   153 more words


Bruises, Bruises Everywhere!

It happened again!  I woke up with unusual bruises with unknown causes.  I used to think that I might have hit something without being aware but look at the location of these random bruises.   412 more words


Living Happily with an Invisible Illness.

Most everyone sees my happy side.  I work very hard at it.  I do not want to be seen as sick or dying.  I think people mostly view me as a mother, wife, physical therapist, and a marathoner.   163 more words


Bored ... 

I’ve decided to get my miles done on the stationary bike to give my legs and back some extra rest during my taper. I am so thankful for the stationary bike. 79 more words

Life's Little Lessons

The 5 People You'll Definitely Meet in College

You’ll meet a lot of people when you attend college, but here are five people that you are for sure going to cross paths with: 1,101 more words

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