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don't put down the pen 🖋

It happens to the best of us, and it happens often; if you don’t agree, I’m calling your bluff!  You’re out there doing your own thing (running, swimming, lifting weights, waterskiing under the barre), feeling like you’re in the groove…suddenly you look over your shoulder, and the person next to you looks like they are owning it way better than you today.  233 more words


Yuki Kawauchi - An Ordinary Runner

The Boston Marathon has always been considered the pinnacle of marathon running. The hardest the six Major marathon courses and this year the weather made it even more arduous. 274 more words


one day... or DAY ONE!

How many of you have waited until New Years Day, or the beginning of the month, or even, the beginning of a new week to start something new?  252 more words

2018 week 14 recap!

Weeooo race week! Prince Rupert Half Marathon! Rupert Runners for life! Only one hard day this week for that reason. The only thing I love more than race week is race DAY, which is today since I’m posting this on Sunday morning. 312 more words


Bands: A Girl's Best Friend!

Some may say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well, when you are just days out from race day – time is of the essence and making the most of the last few weeks prior to tapering is crucial for final prep.  781 more words

mini motivators

Them : “Oh, I can’t run.”

I am constantly fascinated by how many people are quick to say they cannot do something BEFORE they take the first step towards trying it.  521 more words

2018 week 13 recap! (One week til mission launch)

A week til 03:31 marathon mission officially begins! I’ve picked the name and I’ll let ya know tomorrow! Lifelong Endurance and I go full-speed ahead starting April 9th, the day after the… 583 more words