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In the bible, there’s a scripture that goes, “…let us run the race that is set before us..”. This tells us something. Everyone alive has a race to run; you have a life to live. 250 more words


From taper to the marathon

After completing my second marathon in May 2016, I couldn’t wait to start running again. Now, just before the third marathon (September, 2016), I can’t wait to be done with training. 320 more words

Long Distance Running

Becoming a swimmer

I don’t think I will ever call myself a swimmer.

But, hey, I can be someone who swims on the regular!

I ramped up swimming this week, which may or may not have been influenced by the fact that the (outdoor) pool I go to is in its last week for the summer season, and it felt great! 236 more words


O Canada, My home and native land.

29 Aug – 05 Sep; Trip to Canada; Toronto – Not exactly my homeland but close enough. I’m from Alberta; Calgary. It’s been a decade since I’ve stepped into Canadian grounds and to be very honest, I miss this place, and I had fun binge eating unhealthy food and 0% exercise. 593 more words


Being an injured runner who doesn't act like an injured runner

I know I’ve been a little mopey lately.

My posts haven’t been the most uplifting and positive of posts.

But, I’m here to turn another page, to start another chapter, to begin anew. 375 more words


I'm just here to get back to running one day

I’ve been trying to go to the pool as often as possible before it closes for the season. My family belongs to a local swim club that is only open from May-September and since I cannot run, I have been trying to utilize it as much as I can. 309 more words


The problem with being overly positive

I thought that once I wasn’t running, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Turns out there’s a lot to think and therefore write about when you’re injured! 369 more words