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Marble Hornets review: "The Complete Second Season"

The second season of Marble Hornets picks up over half a year after the events of Entry 26, when Jay wakes up in a hotel room he doesn’t recognize with a camera strapped to his chest and no memory of the last seven months. 582 more words

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Marble Hornets review: "The Complete First Season"

Three years ago, student filmmaker Alex Kralie abruptly ceased production on his project Marble Hornets. His friend and fellow filmmaker Jay convinced him to give him his videotaped footage before the two lost contact. 700 more words

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"Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story" Review

The Marble Hornets mythology hits the silver screen in Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story.

While working on a story about home foreclosures, a local news crew wanders into an abandoned home. 421 more words


Marble Hornets Technical Veils

  1. Glitch
    1. Throughout the Marble Hornet series, glitch is one of the immediate precursors to action. This is so dependable that eventually, glitches themselves become terrifying, because we expect Slender Man, Maskie, Hoodie, or some other figure to immediately appear after them.
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Critical Analysis of the Web Series

With critical powerhouses like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards capturing viewers like fly paper, it’s evident that today’s audience is more than willing to take their entertainment on a laptop screen in lieu of a plasma. 556 more words

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My Thoughts on Marble Hornets

When I first heard of Marble Hornets, I thought it was a joke. But to my amusement, my eyes widened as I heard more and more about it. 239 more words

Wicked Plays: Slender: The Arrival

Welcome, readers to Wicked Plays! In this segment, our team here at Something Wicked will pick a video or computer game to review.

This week’s pick is Slender: The Arrival. 153 more words