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Review: Beware the Slenderman

The Slenderman mythos is undeniably seductive. The change from urban legends being passed on through word of mouth to coming alive on the internet also changed the scares they could create. 839 more words


Blair Witch Review

The Shaky Cam Project 2: Budget of Excess 1,697 more words


Blair Witch replaces original excitement with convergent blandness

Rhiannon Saegert

Blair Witch takes all the style of The Blair Witch Project and leaves behind all of the substance, resulting in a film just as shaky as the cameras it was shot on. 765 more words


You Should Watch... - Night Mind

The far corners of the internet are filled with some dark interesting mysteries and multimedia entertainment projects filled of twist and turn. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what solution is achieved or all the little tid bits to every mystery. 375 more words

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Standing Right Behind Me

Way to go, piffs!

“Piff”—the term I have recently and happily espoused which means “a YouTube series with ARG elements”. An ARG is an “advanced/alternate/augmented/associative/advertisement reality game” or the subject of my previous shambling blog post. 1,684 more words


You're blaming the wrong monster(s)

Oh BBC Three. I was sad when you guys went off the air and moved your service online. I’ve binged on your channel’s offerings for ten years or so, staying up until the early hours watching… 1,219 more words

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