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Who wants to pay money to play a game where you try to get marble through various ramps and mazes? If not then you’ve never played this oddly addictive little game that was released at the end of 1984. 279 more words

Gender misrepresentation in games: an avoidable problem?

This blog, Verboten Games, has long been an advocate of games as an interactive medium over a being vehicle for narrative. Story-driven games bring their own set of problems; when modeling games after older forms of media, there is the danger of inheriting their problems too. 404 more words


Tama (Saturn): Adventurous Ball in Giddy Labyrinth

Long time no see! Apologies for the lax posting schedule recently, I’ve been busy with deadlines and whatnot. Today though I’m talking about Tama, a Japan-only launch game for the Saturn. 486 more words