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Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Posted by Alicia Sell

It is the moment that I hope you have been waiting for and that I secretly worried would never get here…  The bathroom renovation is complete! 1,064 more words

Marble - Basics

Marble has been used & valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance. It brings luxury and richness to anywhere it is used, whether it is hotel lobby or house flooring. 564 more words


Marble Trend ?

      Hey guys :) These days there are trends for everything and of course here is the Marble trend that is getting over the blogging area on the internet. 260 more words


Kitchen Tile

I had searched and searched for two inch wide wood to put down in the kitchen at the Butler house. I could not find anything! So, we contemplated our options. 688 more words

Coffee Stains removed from Marble Tile

These Marble Tiles were laid in an en-suite bathroom at a house in Bridport, the main problems to be addressed WERE that the floor had dulled and lost most of its shine, there was also a coffee stain in the corner which needed to be addressed. 49 more words

Tile Cleaning Products

Budget friendly Christmas presents from your local hardware store.

My thoughts have been centered around the hardware store recently.  Oh the wonders one can find in a store dedicated to destruction and reconstruction.  Take a little trip through the hardware store for supplies to make Christmas presents. 405 more words

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