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Masculinist Fiasco

The four-year-olds sat on the floor in a quiet, orderly cluster.  They each raised a hopeful hand in response to their teacher’s questions and then waited patiently to be called upon. 1,752 more words


Add a Touch of Elegance With Marble Tiles

Although marble tile is a bit expensive than other tiling options, one can use it to bring vibrancy in their living spaces. You can use it for your bedroom, living room and even kitchen. 215 more words

Marble Tiles

Marble is a Symbol of Prominence And Wealth

From ancient times, marble tile has been used in various structures and buildings. In olden days it was a symbol of prominence and wealth. Even today, it holds the same dignity and is one of the preferred choice flooring options. 210 more words


Amazing Carrara Venato 4x12" Polished Backsplash

The product used in this backsplash is our exclusive Carrara Venato 4×12″ polished for $8.00 a Square Foot (also available in honed), and honed also makes a stunning backsplash as well.  152 more words

Carrara Venato

Are you Looking For a Luxurious Flooring Material For Your Living Room?

A living room is the centre of attraction of a home. And sensible homemakers try to make these spaces more attractive and inviting by adding decorations, designer lights and having elegant floors. 204 more words


Get That Spa Look to Your House Bathroom

The bathroom has luxurious and posh looks in a spa or hotels. When you go for a hotel stay in the vacation, the tiles in the bathroom would be eye-catching. 379 more words

What Are The Positives of Marble Flooring?

Marble has been a graceful flooring preference since the middle ages. It is a great choice for people who prefer to have luxurious flooring in their living spaces.  216 more words