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Easy Ways to Clean Your Natural Marble Tea Top

Marble stone is one kind of limestone, a kind of material of various kinds of impurities composed of calcium, from sand, silt, iron or clay stone. 210 more words

Marble Tile

Cutting Down Radiation From Marble Tile By Ventilating Your Home

Nowadays, natural marble stone is rejected by many homeowners for its radiation. However, although natural marble stone has radiation, if you buy the high quality engineered stone, radiation will have little impact on people’s health. 108 more words

Marble Tile

Leadstone Warehouse Grand Opening in New York

Dear Sir or Madam:

Much thanks for your always attentions and supports, here it is our great honor to invite you to visit LEADSTONE WAREHOUSE GRAND OPENING… 88 more words

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Multiple Marble Wall And Floor Tiles Cleaned

This job was to refresh the Marble tile installed in a house in Woking. There were a number of different marble tiles installed on the wall and floor including two shower cubicles, a bathroom floor, a small cloakroom floor and the kitchen floor; the pictures below show before and after
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Marble Tile Enjoys A Wonderful Prospect

Marble tile now has become one popular item in many famous building material selling stores. Marble tile although is one imitation stone, its is in high end equal to engineered stone. 180 more words

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Scratched Marble Floor Tiles Restored

This was a Marble tiled floor installed in the kitchen of a house in Olney, Bedfordshire which had been scratched in places and was now overdue for some TLC. 26 more words

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A Mysterious Marble From China-Oriental White Marble

Oriental White Marble is a timeless classic marble of choice.  It is already known throughout the world. The primary color of white can tonally range from bright, solid white to a soft grey hue. 284 more words

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