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Kitchen Countertops: Take Marble Stone for Timeless Beauty

Marble stone as one kitchen countertops materials can add high elegance, beauty and luxury to the kitchen, which does better than other kinds of stones. 138 more words

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Marble Stone Countertops: Pros & Cons for Your Home

Marble stone as one natural stone has become the normal and popular material for most home remodel and commercial projects. Granite stone, quartz stone and marble stone is good to be used for interior and exterior kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. 256 more words

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Marble Stone Countertops: Hard or Delicate?

Marble stone countertops as one calcareous stone is sensitive to the acid chemicals and solutions, so remember do not use any splash of lemon juice or acid spill on the surface, which will easily leave subtle mark on the countertops. 224 more words

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Care Guides: How to Maintain Marble Countertops Nice

Elegant and beautiful, marble countertops are welcome by most homeowners, however, marble stone for kitchen countertops are not for everybody. Especially, those who have babies that are old enough to use the kitchen countertops for food preparation but forget the surface’s elegance and beauty. 239 more words

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Marble Stone Countertops: High Value and Timeless Beauty for Kitchen

Elegant and beautiful, marble stone countertops are thought to be the nice material for kitchen space remodel.

Marble stone is so gorgeous and luxury that it can perfectly fit a classic kitchen design, giving you a differently feeling of elegance. 125 more words

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Home Renovation: Priceless Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble kitchen countertops can perfectly add elegance, beauty and luxury to your kitchen, while marble stone countertops will be more expensive per square feet. However, it is also priceless for most homeowners for its high quality and timeless beauty for the house. 118 more words

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