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Onyx Ring Tuxedo Pinstripe Vintage Sterling Silver Oval Marble Black & White Onyx Ring Sz 10 021

Vintage Rings Vintage 14 K gold wedding band with white gold detail Amethyst and Sterling Silver Celestial Ring Size 9.5 1882.PHYSICS,Sciences.Antique print. Lithograph.COLORS Spectrum,from violet to yellow.133 year old print.10×7 ins or 18×26 cm. 21 more words

Infinity Belt Marble

JWildfire 2.56, Un-Retouched

I couldn’t come up with a name for the life of me; particularly given that I had Faraday Cages and the Kuiper Belt stuck in my head. 6 more words



A sad tale’s best for winter

First it was lies;
everything she thought she knew
she didn’t. Second, falls;
a misplaced step on the carpet, 127 more words