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challenging Ugandan tourism to a game of dool

If you haven’t heard of the game ‘Mah Jong’, this is your opportunity to Google it, as we consider the potential of a local Ugandan game called… 1,111 more words

Uganda Tourism

The Island of Lost Things

The Island of Lost Things exists in the space between sleep and awake, where dreams hover just out of reach.  Littered with the hopes and aspirations of every person that ever was, to explore the island one has to tread carefully.  59 more words

100 Word Challenge

Marble Shake Painting 

Summertime is in full swing over here. After wiping sweat beads away from my forehead, burning my legs on my car’s black leather seat, and spewing insults at the heavy and thick 105 degree weather, I vowed to stay inside as much as possible. 263 more words


Playing Marbles

When I was in elementary school I loved to shoot marbles. We always referred to it as playing marbles.  We had a variety of circle games we played in the coal cinders on the school yard. 249 more words


'indian marbles'

like oyster pearls

these near spheres

begin as irritant infusions

a quartz crystal

or iron grain

layer upon layer of

binding carbonate

grows outward

hardening shells… 15 more words

Nature Poems

Boundless Energy: Awesome Preschool Science Activity

This week, our marble set has been working overtime. We engineered a wall of pipes and tracks to run our marbles down, and we’ve been using it to explore how potential and kinetic energy work. 257 more words