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I Found My Marbles

by Kiki

Oakland–In truth I never lost my marbles, I simply didn’t have any.

I have PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction aka “adult acquired flatfoot”) in my left foot and it is immobilized in a boot until I go back to my podiatrist for a check up to see how the healing is progressing. 92 more words

#13 Blue Marble

Round blue marble intent on being sky. Round blue sky overflowing with blue marbles.


I ♥ NY's


I don’t know what to say but,

“Happy New Year’s,” the bicycling passerby had shouted at me. The time was who knows ante meridian, still hours before sunrise, and the temperature was–last I had checked–at most below twenty degrees fahrenheit. 939 more words


If I turn myself inside out, I have no doubt of finding: red tipped wooden matchsticks, blue-yellow-green specked swirled marbles, a purple hued translucent jellyfish ballooning in a rocket thrust upward spiral, and black-cherry red fountain pen cartridges, inking blood droplets in my pocket-sockets.

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55 Words Or Less

It's been a long time coming


As I eagerly await/dread my last semester in grad school, my whole existence is consumed by thoughts of post-school life. Where will I work? Will I move? 360 more words

A Christmas Gift that is The Marble Collector

The Marble Collector

Ho ho hello! Wow oh wow! It’s nearly Christmas. I hope you all asked for books this year from Father Christmas. You know that no holiday season would be complete without a bit of reading cheer. 1,189 more words

Badge: Fears

I think I’m getting better at these badges.

I took all the fears from my last post and put them all into one marble. Is that fair?   41 more words

ADD Awareness