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Post #16: Marbury v. Madison

The landmark case, Marbury v. Madison in 1803, is argued to be the most important  court case in United States History. Federalist candidate John Adams was upset in the presidential election by Democratic-Republican candidate Thomas Jefferson. 191 more words

Amendment 1 discussion

I am knowledgeable enough about Constitutional Law to know that the strict lines that separate constitutional actions from non-constitutional actions are gray (or grey, if you prefer.) During my 1L year, I crawled my way through the required Constructional Law class. 858 more words

Law School

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Thank Marshall for Judicial Review

The United States of America has always viewed its system of checks and balances as a foundational key to establishing and maintaining our democracy. This may feel like a repeat of high school civics classes, but there are three branches of government, each with its own constitutional authority to prevent the other branches from becoming too powerful or authoritative. 683 more words

Checks And Balances

Short History Lesson #15. Supreme Court is Final Arbiter of the Constitution

The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what is and what is not constitutional. In other words, if Congress or the President take an action such as President Trump’s… 611 more words


Jefferson Was Correct

Source: TheRoadLessTraveled
January 29, 2016

In his last years – after a lifetime of learning and experience, Jefferson had one thing preeminently on his mind: the principle of decentralized government. 374 more words


Judge Gorsuch on "the Role of Judges" in our Legal System

Neil Gorsuch, nominated this week to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by the demise of Antonin Scalia, is in many respects an impressive Judge on the tenth circuit Court of Appeals, receiving accolades and encomiums not only from his ideological allies but also from legal experts and scholars on the opposite end of the ideological spectrum. 984 more words

Neil Gorsuch