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Who Enforces the U.S. Constitution's "natural born Citizen" Clause?

A Blast From the Past. The Constitutional Mess We Are In Could Have Been Prevented.  Return to Oct 2008.  Read: “Who Enforces the Constitution’s “natural born Citizen” Clause? 761 more words


How can I understand, unless someone guides me?

In Development 1.3.5, Newman draws an inference: “If the Christian doctrine, as originally taught, admits of true and important developments, as was argued in the foregoing Section, this is a strong antecedent argument in favour of a provision in the Dispensation for putting a seal of authority upon those developments.” That is, Christians have good reason to expect “the appointment in that scheme of an external authority to decide upon , thereby separating them from the mass of mere human speculation, extravagance, corruption, and error, in and out of which they grow. 650 more words

John Henry Newman

How Would I Teach a Lesson in 11th Grade Civics?

If using a fully digital curriculum, my lesson on Civics would include the use of multimedia. I would begin by developing a website to aid in the arrangement of lesson activities. 337 more words


Happy Gold Medal and/or Marbury v. Madison Day!

Sunday was the 35th anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice,” the amazing 1980 Winter Olympics upset of the dominant Soviet national team by the amateur US team (a team that had lost to those same Soviets 10-3 in an exhibition a couple of weeks earlier). 201 more words


Marbury V. Madison - In Favor of Judicial Review

My esteemed colleague, WR, has offered his arguments against the decision found in Marbury V. Madison. He has also argued strongly against the concept of judicial review. 845 more words

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Marbury V. Madison - Against Judicial Review

A Constitution in the breach: the most egregiously poor SCOTUS decisions of all time. There are several I will cover in chronological order. I will try to make them as concise, incisive and succinct as humanly possible. 634 more words

Political Philosophy