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Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co v. Sawyer

Key Facts– The President, concerned that a steel workers’ strike would create a national steel shortage, which he considered likely to be a national security crisis, ordered the seizure of all American steel mills to ensure the continued availability of steel. 191 more words


US v Curtiss-Wright Export Corp

Key Facts– Congress passed a resolution (not a law) authorizing the President to stop sales of arms to countries involved in the Chaco border dispute. 179 more words


DC v Heller

Key Facts- DC passed a statute against having an unregistered firearm in one’s possession, and they also prohibited registration of handguns. Other types of guns (like rifles) were mandated to be kept either dissembled or bound by trigger locks. 198 more words


United States v. Richard Nixon

Key Facts– In June 1972, a break-in occurred at the Watergate building, Democratic National Headquarters. Gradually, high-level White House officials were discovered to be involved in a cover-up. 259 more words


Marbury v. Madison Brief

Key Facts—As President Adams was leaving the White House, he issued some final appointments that had been authorized by Congress. Some appointments were not delivered by the end of term, and President Jefferson ordered his Secretary of State, James Madison, to withhold them. 438 more words


Who Enforces the U.S. Constitution's "natural born Citizen" Clause?

A Blast From the Past. The Constitutional Mess We Are In Could Have Been Prevented.  Return to Oct 2008.  Read: “Who Enforces the Constitution’s “natural born Citizen” Clause? 761 more words


How can I understand, unless someone guides me?

In Development 1.3.5, Newman draws an inference: “If the Christian doctrine, as originally taught, admits of true and important developments, as was argued in the foregoing Section, this is a strong antecedent argument in favour of a provision in the Dispensation for putting a seal of authority upon those developments.” That is, Christians have good reason to expect “the appointment in that scheme of an external authority to decide upon , thereby separating them from the mass of mere human speculation, extravagance, corruption, and error, in and out of which they grow. 650 more words