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Marc Faber: Euro to Strengthen, Dollar to Weaken, Gold & Emerging Markets to Outperform

Transcript from interview with Marc Faber by Mike Gleason of www.moneymetals.com

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to be joined by a man who needs little introduction, Marc Faber, editor and publisher of The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report. 2,576 more words

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Marc Faber:Money printing will not be easy to stop

The most attractive sector in commodities is probably agricultural commodities -soybean, rubber, sugar, etc .- their prices may still go higher.

The precious metals are also attractive for a simple reason that the policies that the central banks have embarked upon, mainly money printing, will be very difficult to terminate.

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Marc Faber on 2017 : Expect 'Year of Disappointments'

Investors may be in for a “year of disappointments” and precious metals may prove to be a useful hedge, this according to famed contrarian investor Marc Faber. 122 more words

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Marc Faber: Good Times Ahead for Precious Metals

Stocks have rallied since Donald Trump’s election win, but will the trend continue or should investors begin reallocating their investments before the momentum turns bearish?  “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report” Editor Marc Faber appeared on the FOX Business Network to discuss his outlook for the markets and how investors should adjust their portfolios. 119 more words

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Marc Faber Discusses, Is Donald Trump the Next Ronald Regan?

Numerous people have compared victory of Donald Trump to Ronald Regan who became US president in 1980 and started his job in 1981 and they say well there will be a Trump bull market like the Regan bull market in the 80s.  151 more words


Markets: Time To Be Long Commodities

I still own commodities, I will probably be buying more commodities. I am not buying gold, otherwise most commodities are making bottoms during this consolidation. And its probably a time to be long commodities and the U.S. 52 more words