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Faber On The China Threat

China’s slowing economy may be the biggest threat to the global economy according to Marc Farber. 91 more words


Why Gold and Banks Don't Get Along!

Given all the money printing that the Federal Reserve, ECB, Bank of Japan and the Bank of China have indulged in since 2008 (otherwise known as “Quantitative Easing” or QE), some independent economic commentators such as Marc Faber and Jim Rogers talk up the potential of the next Financial Crisis being bigger than the 2008 GFC due to the unsound monetary policy of Central Banks over the last 7 years. 347 more words

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Pullin' Out The Bull & Bear Costumes For Barron's

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It’s June, and that means I hafta jump back on the Photoshop Horse and put together another cover story using elements from our… 420 more words


Book Review: Tomorrow’s Gold: Asia’s Age of Discovery

Disclosure: Marc Faber is the chairman of a fund I consult for.

I enjoyed reading Tomorrow’s Gold: Asia’s Age of Discovery by Marc Faber. In the investment world, Dr. 624 more words