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Boy, what a great song this is.  The deep sinking of seven-stringed-guitar playing of Dragonforce proves the band not only has talent, but they can use many elements of technicality in their music.   14 more words

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The 2 degree threshold

I’ve never really written about the 2 degree threshold before, largely because I don’t really have particularly strong views about it. Scientifically, it’s a little odd to try and characterise what is clearly a very complex system with a single number. 496 more words

Climate Change

"Maximum Overload" by DragonForce - Album Review

Much like Link from The Legend of Zelda series, I think that after each album cycle, DragonForce, can only function if they’re shredding their guitar-gasmic bollocks off or if they’re on enough cocaine to send a sumo wrestler into a coma. 722 more words


Dragonforce Turn Back the Clock

A little over a decade now, back in the middle of 2004, a relatively upstart British based power metal band released an album called Sonic Firestorm… 1,554 more words


Maximum Overload - Dragonforce

Så bara två år efter att Dragonforces första skiva utan klassiska sångaren ZP Theart släpptes var det dags igen, och kan vi erkänna Marc Hudson som en värdig ersättare? 1,112 more words