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Shea, "Newman's Early Roman Catholic Legacy"

Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman, whose Feast Day has just passed by (October 9–the date of his conversion), was one of the most interesting, penetrating, and important minds by which the Church has been graced. 357 more words

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Kukla, "Patrick Henry"

Patrick Henry: committed anti-federalist and constitutional skeptic, brilliant orator and attorney, and eloquent expositor of the Washingtonian view of Christianity and civil religion. Here is a new biography, … 275 more words

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"Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression" (Temperman & Koltay, eds.)

These are complex times for the freedom of speech, and one of the most interesting of the new complications is the revival of blasphemy laws, once thought vanquished by secular thinkers and political actors. 184 more words

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New paper: "On the Uses of anti-Christian Identity Politics"

Here’s another new paper of mine: On the Uses of anti-Christian Identity Politics. The abstract is below.

This short essay, written for a conference on “Faith, Sexuality, and the Meaning of Freedom” held at Yale Law School in January 2017, briefly explores the emerging phenomenon of anti-Christian identity politics. 262 more words

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New paper: "The Two Separations"

Here’s a new paper of mine, The Two Separations. Here’s the abstract:

There is nothing self-evidently attractive about separation — whether of church and state or anything else — as a model for individual or collective life. 457 more words

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Wicker, "The Simple Faith of Franklin Delano Roosevelt"

The place of religion in the American presidency is a source of endless historical and political interest. But Franklin Delano Roosevelt is not too often highlighted by scholars and biographers interested in this particular genre . 244 more words


FDR's 1937 Columbus Day Proclamation

Happy Columbus Day! I was surprised to learn recently that Columbus Day was made a national holiday by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937 (though previous presidents had urged the country to celebrate Columbus), who recognized it in… 96 more words