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Mapping with D3: Library of Congress books over time

In May 2017, the US Library of Congress made the largest release of digital records in its history – metadata for over 25 million books, maps and recordings. 118 more words

Data Visualization

Mystery shrouds discovery of art trove stolen by Nazis (Yahoo News)

Deborah Cole AFP News 4 November 2013 original article here.

The discovery in a rubbish-strewn flat in Germany of nearly 1,500 paintings including works by Picasso and Matisse looted by the Nazis sparked urgent calls Monday to hunt for their rightful owners. 754 more words

Art History News

Making Work For Yourself | Marc

Well, first a famine and then a feast, that is, if self-indulgent nonsense is at all a signifier of a festival atmosphere. 3 posts in 36 hours! 91 more words

Privation: Development in the absence of attachment | Marc

Deprivation refers to the breaking of the attachment bond once it had been established. As discussed in a previous article, this would include temporary separations, such as a brief stay in hospital, or permanent separations such as the death of a parent. 66 more words

Resource: Intonation Graphs | Marc

As regular readers know, I love phonology and anything to do with pronunciation and listening. I also have a need to make my learners aware of what happens in the stream of speech. 68 more words

Here be (Dungeons and) Dragons – Redux | Marc

You are in a classroom. There is a dais with a desk, behind which there is a blackboard. In front of you there are eight novices awaiting instruction. 87 more words

Our Spring/Summer Garden 2018

Our Backyard Spring– Summer Garden 2018

This beautiful Backyard garden is brought to you courtesy of my Housemate Marc!