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We Are Chester meets: actor & writer Ian Puleston-Davies

It’s not every day that you get to meet an actor and writer who is recognised across the land and indeed across a number of other lands, including Canada and New Zealand. 1,350 more words


Loose ends and the hope of things to come

Stories may be lifelike, but not like life. After all they require a selectiveness about what to tell and what to withhold. That decision is fundamental to narrative success. 879 more words



Even the adverts for this show caught my attention. ITV have a pretty good record, in my opinion, of creating fabulous police procedurals. Lewis, my favourite crime show of all time, was one of theirs. 187 more words

Crime Drama

Review: Marcella (S1 E8/8), Tuesday 17th May, ITV

Here we are, then. The finale of a series that has caused much head-scratching and frustration but kept me interested just enough to find out who did it and why. 950 more words

British Crime Drama

Review: Marcella (S1 E7/8), Monday 16th May, ITV

Half way through this penultimate episode of Marcella – the most infuriating crime drama on television since From Darkness – DI Rav Sangha exasperated, “Sorry, but have I missed something here?” I knew how he felt. 452 more words

Trailer: Marcella, ITV

Yes, yes, I know that Marcella isn’t the best we’ve ever seen but it’s also something I want to see through. We’re onto our final two episodes – shown tonight and tomorrow night on ITV – so we’re girding our loins to see who the killer is. 54 more words

British Crime Drama

Review: Marcella (S1 E4,5,6/8), Mondays, ITV

Contrary to popular opinion, I have been watching Marcella on ITV… I just haven’t had time to write it up. It has been a busy couple of weeks, so I haven’t been able to dig into the series as deeply as I would have liked. 802 more words

British Crime Drama