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Marcella (First aired 25/4/16)

Marcella is now at the halfway point. It’s still not a completely awe-inspiring drama, but it just about manages to keep me hooked. In all honesty, if everything was revealed in today’s episode, I wouldn’t bother watching the other four. 603 more words


Review: Marcella (S1 E3/8), Monday 18th April, ITV

OK, so I’m bit late on this one (blame real work in the real world), but I couldn’t not review this eight-part Hans Rosenfeldt show because, well, Hans Rosenfeldt. 628 more words

British Crime Drama

The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 18th - Sunday 24th April)

All eyes are, inevitably, on Line Of Duty this week (you can’t really take them off it, let’s face it) because there are more twists and turns than you can care to imagine. 828 more words


Cops on the edge

“Strong bloody violence from the start and throughout,” as Channel 5 would say- and I’m thinking-

aww- what about the strong language and the scenes of a sexual nature… 492 more words


Best Shows On TV Right Now!

The other day, we were discussing how many really good TV shows have been on this month. I am not the type of person to binge watch a series on Netflix, but recently I have seen this change.

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Review: Marcella (S1 E2/8), Monday 11th April, ITV

Throughout the first episode of Hans Rosenfeldt’s Marcella, the eponymous lead character showed herself to be extremely unstable. In the face of a marriage breakdown, Marcella (Anna Friel) was prone to explosive bouts of violence and blackouts and at the end of the episode we saw her confront her estranged husband’s lover, Grace Gibson, only to find herself hours later, dazed, in a bath and covered in blood. 580 more words

British Crime Drama