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Rainbows Are Now Offensive?

Congrats to America, all 50 States now have Equal Marriage. Pauses for reflection……..

The new alert buzzed through to my Iphone and stunned I couldn’t believe what I was reading. 681 more words

March 2013


Looking into the mirror, wrestling my hair into place I am suddenly struck that tonight I am going for the first time ever to an event that will only be attended by Gay folks and Gay allies. 819 more words

March 2013

Post-midnight meltdown

Her bedtime routine is very strictly followed, and must include watching one of her favourite documentaries. If she should fall asleep before the end of the documentary, she will wake in the middle of the night crying that she hadn’t watched it. 8 more words

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Marriage Or Geography??

May 14th 2015……. tick,tick,tick In 8¬†shorts days Southern Ireland, will get to vote in a Referendum for or against Marriage Equality. (No it won’t include Northern Ireland, Yes they are 2 separate Countries but that’s a whole other Blog) 949 more words

March 2013

Almost Like a Marriage???

It’s late, I’ve just let the furry ones out for their last bathroom¬†break. As I lock the doors, smiling because as always, the woman I love has forgotten the top lock in the back door. 552 more words

March 2013

Important Notice: 200th review

As you all may know, I have been reviewing movies since way back in March 2013. Since then I have reviewed countless movies. With my “Phenomenon” review posted, I now have 199 reviews in total. 51 more words