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Marriage Or Geography??

May 14th 2015……. tick,tick,tick In 8 shorts days Southern Ireland, will get to vote in a Referendum for or against Marriage Equality. (No it won’t include Northern Ireland, Yes they are 2 separate Countries but that’s a whole other Blog) 949 more words

March 2013

Almost Like a Marriage???

It’s late, I’ve just let the furry ones out for their last bathroom break. As I lock the doors, smiling because as always, the woman I love has forgotten the top lock in the back door. 552 more words

March 2013

Important Notice: 200th review

As you all may know, I have been reviewing movies since way back in March 2013. Since then I have reviewed countless movies. With my “Phenomenon” review posted, I now have 199 reviews in total. 51 more words


On Technology...

That the world doesn’t always make sense is something to which we all can relate in some measure; however, to one who is so intensely logical, I think that it must be simply mind-boggling at times. 9 more words

Art Journal


My art journal began well before our younger daughter, Frances, 7, received the diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder (aged 6), before I suspected or acknowledged that her development was not typical, and before Aspergers became known as HF ASD. 572 more words

Art Journal

March 21, 2013 I like the way you move

I walked into a building during a starry night, the moon cut in half and cars parked outside. I took my final glimpse of the sky and scenery, then I stepped in. 973 more words

Short Story

New Challenge Day 5: March 2013

Today’s challenge was to post a photo of myself from two years ago. So I figured I would go back to 2013’s photo albums (I take a lot of photos) and find March. 98 more words

30 Day Challenge