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March 21, 2013 I like the way you move

I walked into a building during a starry night, the moon cut in half and cars parked outside. I took my final glimpse of the sky and scenery, then I stepped in. 973 more words

Short Story

New Challenge Day 5: March 2013

Today’s challenge was to post a photo of myself from two years ago. So I figured I would go back to 2013’s photo albums (I take a lot of photos) and find March. 98 more words

30 Day Challenge

Taking Top Honors

Construction Executive, March 2013

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❤ couch pOtatO!

that’s me being a couch pOtato :D hoo hoo! tv time! i’m on my absolute faaaaaavorite blankie and it’s uber fluffy! i hope everyone is having a wonderful week! :} huggies~! and more love~!

March 2013

Skeleton Sailing on a Sea of Chalk - Singapore Art Museum

From an exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum I went to in March 2013. Loved this and the other one.