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March 2013

The True/False Academy and Boot Camp on the streets during T/F 2013

Day 124: Brit Lit–students applied some of Alexander Pope’s precepts from Essay on Criticism… 1,732 more words

March 2013

Eastleigh: all the wrong lessons

Too many Conservatives are sure to take the wrong lesson from third place in the Eastleigh by-election, which is that they should be more Eurosceptic, tougher on immigration and should never have legalised gay marriage. 389 more words

David Cameron

Still not Boris’s moment

One other footnote to the Eastleigh by-election, about which I wrote yesterday, and about the response to which I have written for  161 more words

March 2013

The Evil Review of Books

The London Review of Books pretends to be a sophisticated intellectual journal that publishes fine writing, often at some length. 726 more words

March 2013

Parliament Square Restored

Praise be to the skies. Parliament Square has at last been restored to how it should be. 322 more words


Fallows on Threat Inflation

There is one and only one opponent of the invasion of Iraq to whom I will concede the right to say he told us so. 220 more words

Contemporary History

The Memo

I stumbled across this because Tom Doran asked if “I must have missed the memo” was on the Banned List. 768 more words

Banned List