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take more tea

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.” 25 more words

Alice In Wonderland

Day 1 of 3: Three Day Quote Challenge

Hey beauties! I was nominated by Deep Inside The Loners Mind to do the Three Day Quote Challenge! Since I have done this challenge before, for this three day challenge, I’m going to do Disney Quotes! 21 more words


The Mad Hatter or The March Hare

Would you rather face the March Hare or the Mad Hatter? Both are mad. 

Often times, I feel like that’s what life throws at us. It seemingly gives us two different options where one sounds better than the other, but in reality, both are terrible. 379 more words

Wonderlandish Thoughts

Mad Hatter

Day 26

Character: Mad Hatter

Featured in:  The Mad Tea Party

Role:  Host of the party

Oh, the hatter! Like the Hare, Hatter seems quite mad, perhaps the maddest of them all. 54 more words

School Plays

March Hare

Day 25

Character: March Hare

Featured in:  The Mad Tea Party

Role:  Nonsensical rabbit

This guy is quite mad and tons of fun! The Hatter’s best mate and a lover of tea! 26 more words

School Plays

White Rabbit

Day 23

Character: White Rabbit

Featured in:  The Mad Tea Party

Role:  Always tardy.

He’s skittish and nervous. Extremely anxious. As quick and speedy as he is (he is a rabbit after all), he can’t ever seem to be anywhere at the proper time. 22 more words

School Plays


Day 17

Character: Dormouse

Featured in:  The Mad Tea Party

Role:  Tiny sleepy hero.

Oh, the adorable dormouse.

He just wants to sleep, all right? 95 more words

School Plays