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Marcher lordship in southwest Wales, south of the River Teifi and southeast of Cardigan.

It lay on the northern edge of the Marcher lordships of the southwest, and so was liable to attack and seizure, but the power of the March was too strong for it to revert to Welsh rule for any length of time. 60 more words


Amish Vampires And The Death of Christian Spec Fic

Warning: rant mode activated.

The big thing in the news is how Amish Vampires in Space is getting a lot of buzz. While I hope it works well both for Kerry Nietz and Marcher Lord Press, I don’t really like it. 324 more words

Review: Starfire


Here I am again to review yet another Marcher Lord Press novel, and again, this is one of my favorites (no, I won’t say that about all of them, but probably about most of them, haha). 216 more words


Character Feature - Hodnet

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Happy New Year to all the readers of Dragon Line (I was hoping to write this post yesterday, but New Year indulgence and IT problems got in the way!!) 367 more words

Dragon Line

Inner Radiance under Threadbare Material

So it can create a real schism being from Wales.

If you’re not from the north then you can’t claim to be a descendent of Owain Glyndwr and will have no nationality when the sleeping lord wakes and reunites the Welsh. 400 more words