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Trump, at White House Forum, Signals Support for Arming School Staff

Students, teachers and families of victims in Florida attack and others share views on preventing more school shootings

President Donald Trump held an emotional meeting with Parkland, Fla., students and parents, including, from left, Melissa Blank, her son Jonathan Blank, Julia Cordover and, at far right, Carson Abt on Wednesday.  1,165 more words

Students at town hall to Washington, NRA: Guns are the problem, do something

SUNRISE, Florida — They were angry and frustrated. And given the chance to face the lawmakers and others who can make their lives safer, high school students who a week ago were running from gunfire pointedly demanded change Wednesday night from Washington and the National Rifle Association. 1,454 more words


Your words have been 'pathetically weak': Marco Rubio gets an earful at CNN town hall on Parkland shooting

  • The father of a Parkland school shooting victim criticized Rep. Sen. Marco Rubio during a CNN town-hall event.
  • Rubio appeared to agree with the idea of enacting new gun measures, including raising the age limit to purchase AR-15-style rifles.
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Rubio backs raising age limit on AR-15 rifles, bucks Trump on arming teachers

The Florida Republican said he would agree to raising the age to 21 to purchase the rifle.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday he supports raising the age limit for purchasing AR-15-style rifles. 362 more words

No Symbolic Victories Now

Some protests don’t work. On October 21, 1967, the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam announced that antiwar protesters would march past the Lincoln Memorial, across the Memorial Bridge all the way to the front steps of the Pentagon, and then they would use their massive psychic energy  3,493 more words