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Donald Trump Takes Two Water Breaks In One Speech

Donald Trump made fun of Marco Rubio for his infamous water bottle moment, but today the president had to stop twice mid-speech to wet his whistle. 20 more words


After Mocking Rubio, Donald Trump Has A Water Bottle Moment

After mercilessly mocking ‘Little Marco’ and his water bottle moment of 2013, Trump had one of his own during a White House speech on his Asia trip. 28 more words


Trump sips water during speech like Rubio

During his speech from the White House, President trump stopped to drink water. Remind you of anyone? CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports.
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Thirsty? Trump's two-handed swig from Fiji water bottle upstages his White House speech

President Donald Trump’s fumbling search for a water bottle stole the show from an extended defence of his trip to Asia that he delivered from the White House the day after he returned. 256 more words


Donald Trump has own water bottle moment

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump had his own water bottle moment.

Trump, fresh from his marathon trip to Asia, paused during his address to the nation on Wednesday to take a swig of water – twice. 456 more words


Rubio Responds To Trump's Water Bottle Moment

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump had his own water bottle moment.

Trump paused an address to the nation Wednesday to reach for water during a blow-by-blow account of his five-nation trip to Asia. 289 more words


Trump Channels Marco Rubio To Interrupt His Speech For A Drink Of Water, And Everyone Loses Their Minds

During a campaign stop in late February 2016, then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump took a swipe at Sen. Marco Rubio, one of his many competitors during the Republican primaries. 545 more words