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Creaking Open That Old Shed Door...

Why – hello everyone. Are you still here? Are you all really STILL here? Wow! Thank you for sticking around. It’s so wonderful to be able to engage with you again! 504 more words

Ottawa book events from Sept. 5


Chris Nihmey signs Two Sides to the Story: Living a Lie, a memoir about his battle with mental illness, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. 822 more words


Why Blog A Book?

I’ve gotten this question a lot this week, and there’s no easy answer. Certainly it’s not right for everyone. But it is for me.

Serial fiction is hardly new. 5,215 more words

Serial Novel

A Bookworms Month Ahead: September 2015

My apologies for getting this edition out so late. I have been extremely busy at work with a big conference looming and if that was not enough my internet has been acting up. 550 more words

Books And Reading

Monthly Bookshelf #3

This month was a good month for books (bar one book which was horrendous and has way too much hype surrounding it in my opinion – but more on that later). 1,291 more words

A Thursday Quote For Thought, #30, 2015

Lilies used to be a movie theatre, before.  Students went there a lot; every spring they had a Humphrey Bogart festival, with Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn, women on their own, making up their minds.  

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Letters: Margaret Atwood's Hail to the Chief

Re: Preston Manning, Man of the Future, Margaret Atwood, Aug. 29.
Margaret Atwood’s description of her own early political allegiance to John Diefenbaker left me flatly amazed and filled with new-found respect for her as a certified “Canadian icon.”. 1,119 more words

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