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The more difficult it was to love the particular man beside us, the more we believed in Love, abstract and total.  We were waiting, always, for the incarnation. 

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“They will not let you have peace, they don’t want you to have anything they don’t have themselves.” ―Margaret Atwood


Why You NEED to Watch The Handmaid's Tale If You Haven't Already

Hello, World.

In high school, I had to do a project called an “extended reading.” They were sort of the worst things ever, but alas, I was in AP English and they were required. 903 more words


October's meeting

Well, well. In comparison to last month’s complete DUD of a book (seriously, don’t read The Road to Oxiana – it’s time you’ll never get back) book club’s benevelont dictator was rather looking forward to this month’s conversation. 725 more words

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Long distance not recommended

I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.

-Margaret Atwood


Book Review: The Handmaid's Tale

I am a huge fan of dystopian fiction. But, unlike during the time when I first discovered the genre, I tend not to read every dystopian book I can get my hands on. 748 more words

Hag-Seed, by Margaret Atwood

It has taken me almost exactly a year to finish reading Hag-Seed, Margaret Atwood’s take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. There are a few reasons for this, including an abundance (read: two) children under the age of three in my household, a plethora of other writing and reading projects, and my reticence to pick up a hardcover book when it’s so much easier to read on my Kindle (I know; I’m a book Philistine). 675 more words