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Halloween Havoc!: THE MAN FROM PLANET X (Mid Century Productions 1951)

THE MAN FROM PLANET X is low-budget early sci-fi movie about an alien coming to Earth. The mysterious Planet X is drawing close to our world. 422 more words

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The Man from Planet X

Before watching the movie:

This sounds like one of the schlockiest sci-fi horror films not involving psychic brains crawling out of their jars or aliens raising zombies from a small town cemetery on the idea that it would get humans’ attention better than just touching down on the White House lawn. 563 more words


Queued in Fridays: The Man from Planet X

The 1950s are famous for many cinematic trends and historic notables: a greater amount of films were slowing being shot in color to compete with television and widescreen began rearing its head for the same reason; the terrible blacklist that cut short or damaged the careers of many in Hollywood suspected of being communists; the short-lived but later revived 3-D fad was introduced; and, of course, who could forget all the science fiction movies. 765 more words