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Lamplight on the darkened path

In Sickness, in Health and in Jail by Mel Jacobs

‘The world breaks everyone, and afterwards some are stronger in the broken places.’ Hemingway said that, and Mel Jacobs quotes him in the front of her poignant memoir, … 1,466 more words


The Collaboration Curse

I originally started this site as a way of sharing some of the expertise that I believe I had gained over many years of being at the chalkface. 1,755 more words


wilful blindness

Wilful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan must be one of the best books I’ve read this year: every part of it resonated with me.

These were the snippets I particularly enjoyed reading.. 689 more words


How Organizations Fail to Think

I recently came across a TED video by Margaret Heffernan, an international business leader and writer. In her speech, Margaret shared an insight which I felt was pretty radical: most organizations don’t think. 302 more words


Guns Don't Kill

It’s not the guns that are coming over the border that are killing people, it’s the mentality that is leaking upwards into Canadians that is making people desire weapons. 256 more words