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Berhentilah Menjadi 'Ayam Super' Individualis di Perusahaan

Selama 50 tahun ke belakang, banyak perusahaan menganut paham ‘ayam super’ dalam merekrut karyawan. ‘Ayam super’ diibaratkan sebagai seorang karyawan yang memiliki IQ tinggi dan berkualitas tinggi. 537 more words

Sudut Pandang

What Are You Not Prepared To Say?

To do nothing is within the power of all men.

Samuel Johnson

A patient lay on the operating table, desperately in need of the life saving surgery.

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Margaret Heffernan - The Dangers of "Willful Blindness"

Gayla Benefield was just doing her job — until she uncovered an awful secret about her hometown that meant its mortality rate was 80 times higher than anywhere else in the U.S. 80 more words


Them Damn Super Chickens!

A friend posted this TED talk to Facebook a few days ago, and I had to share it, too. These talks may not give the Moses-with-stone-tablets truth of all things, but they do give some truly fine ideas to consider. 16 more words


Super Chickens

This is sort of a Franken-post that has been only crudely stitched together.
There is no telling what sort of creature I will have created until it is finished. 218 more words

Saint Louis

Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work

In this illuminating TED talk, Margaret Heffernan explains why companies should cultivate social capital, rather than individual performers, thereby turning traditional high-performer strategies on their heads. 12 more words

Company Culture

Speaking your mind, especially when you disagree.

A couple days ago while perusing Facebook, I was fascinated by the title of a TED Talk that was advertised in my news feed, “ 633 more words