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The ONLY Appropriate Take on Margaret Sanger

The above video of Rickey Thompson is the only appropriate reaction someone should have to hearing Margaret Sanger’s name.* 434 more words

Abortion Laws

Evil White Men ban abortion in Alabama

When I hear the words abortion and Planned Parenthood, love and equality comes to mind. I know that Margaret Sanger was the godmother of modern day abortion. 353 more words

Will Marriage Soon Be Meaningless?

Is God-ordained marriage being deconstructed  in America? In order to eliminate natural marriage in society, it must first be rendered meaningless. How could that happen? You might say ‘gays and lesbians pushing same-sex marriage for several decades’, and you’d only be partially right. 480 more words

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Silent Genocide on Black Lives

I’m sure that many out there believe the idea that there’s a “White devil” roaming the streets and white people are just out and about killing Black people one by one. 2,682 more words

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Did She Have Good Intentions? You Decide.

In January, the state of New York celebrated as they wrote into law the ability to abort a baby up until its due date. Per usual, arguments took place on Social Media between the Pro-life and the Pro-choice camps. 1,442 more words

Women’s History Month 2019


March is Women’s History Month, and although it is a national holiday, there are so many women around the world who deserve to be celebrated. 677 more words

Corvallis High

Book review: What Every Girl Should Know: Margaret Sanger’s Journey, by J. Albert Mann

Mann, J. Albert. What Every Girl Should Know: Margaret Sanger’s Journey. Atheneum, 2019. $18.99. 228p. ISBN 978-1-5344-1932-2. Ages 13-16. P6Q7

Born into poverty in the late 1800s, Maggie Higgins grows up rebelliously helping her mother with the other 10 children while she dreams of being a writer. 136 more words

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