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Tequila, tequila and tequila. I have such a love/hate relationship with this devilish alcohol. So naturally, anything tequila based is for me. Every time I go out to a restauarunt I order either a margarita or a beer(basic I know). 195 more words


Let's all go to Chipotle and get Hammered.

I was shopping yesterday in the city (of Manhattan) and after a few stores and a few miles of walking my friend and I took our selves into a Chipotle (by the way, if you’re in NYC and you Google map Chipotle, you may find there are more of them than Starbucks at this point), which I’m not a huge fan of but (I thought) I had a $6 gift card on me (turned out I didn’t, which pissed me off quite a bit, but we were hungry) so we went there. 913 more words

Margaritas and the Mundane

Last week I mentioned the possibility of going to a show with another new match. Last Friday the new match phoned to tell me he would be working Saturday and wouldn’t be able to take me to the comedy show but invited me to dinner that night. 461 more words


Tacos Tacos Tacos

It’s always Taco ūüĆģ Tuesday for me. ¬†Yep M, T, W, TH, F, S and Sunday! ¬†And it’s a law that you wash it down with a margarita. ¬†Lesgo!¬†


Cafe Amalfi: Favorite Drinks!

We’ve got another week of our staff’s favorites! This week they picked out which drink is their go to!

1. Cosmopolitan

2. Manhattan

3. Myrtle Margarita… 15 more words

Myrtle Beach

The Best Taco Tuesday in North County

During everyone’s busy work week, it’s important to have fun activities to do in order to keep you sane. One of my favorites is Taco Tuesday. 153 more words

Diet tip, LOL

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