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Fencing in Margate

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Junior doctors and supporters on the picket line at Margate’s QEQM hospital during a  national one day strike against government plans to change their contracts.

The rise and fall of Margate: Tales of tourism, funfairs and modern art

When locals are asked about Margate, they think of the Kentish seaside resort once considered a tourist hot spot, but is now seen as a town whose most visited attraction is the magistrate’s court. 767 more words

Mindful Drawing at the Turner Contemporary

This weekend my amazing team of SketchBetter volunteers and I took over the Learning Studio at the Turner Contemporary in Margate, to run an afternoon of Mindful Drawing. 275 more words


Toast on Legs

This reclining toast with green boots appeared a few times on the walk along the beach into Margate from Broadstairs.

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Graffiti And Street Art

...dreams: Change, Fear, Top Gear & Home.

I have started sleep/dream talking. On more then a few occasions, I have woken myself up talking, laughing and this morning, sobbing.

Are you somebody who has vivid dreams? 439 more words