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GB Pizza Review:Pizza Like No Other

From the moment I stepped through the doors of GB Pizza I knew this was going to be the perfect place for us.

Dark grey walls that had been brightened with flashes of neon pink lighting, exposed brickwork and quirky art work is exactly the kind of decor that draws me in. 393 more words


Trent on Tour

As a creative unable to get a media-related job or even an office space due to my incapacity to complete an application form formally. I have spent what ‘one month’s rental’ might have cost on some wheels, his name is TRENT. 392 more words

General Grumpiness

Inter-Galactic Discoveries: Epilogue

A few in Margate – mainly taxi drivers and some pensioners with a lot of time on their hands and a penchant for gazing out of their bay windows – eventually noticed the absence of the unobtrusive middle aged man with his pair of Chihuahuas. 339 more words

Daily Reflections

Back from Bruny Island

Lunch was wonderful and the drive back beautiful, in spite of all of us being on semi-high alert on the bush road.

We drove back through some lovely areas and saw a train parked on the highway complete with a steam engine. 42 more words


Inter-Galactic Discoveries: V.

It was while on their way to an expansive local park less than ten minutes by foot from the Ossyrians’ rented flat in order to – as Ajax touchingly put it – go on a ‘parakeet safari’ that one of the most important lessons of the entire mission to Earth was learned. 1,309 more words

Daily Reflections

May 19: Inter-Galactic Discoveries: IV

Cliftonville by night … once upon a time

After the incident at the animal shelter, followed by an after dark foray into a rough part of Margate called Cliftonville where hope was discovered (in certain circumstances) to exist as a kind of moral chameleon driven before the winds of many different sorts of desires, ‘T’ reckoned that it might be a good idea to take a break. 1,021 more words

Daily Reflections