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7. The Cafe gets an upgrade

DAWNIKA: Thank you! We’re closing it out with an old standard by request! Elizabeth, bring it home, girl.

ELIZABETH: Always great to work with you Dawn. 396 more words


6. Merri Terri has a birthday for two... four?

CLANCY: Thank you! Thank you! We’ve had a great time playing for ya’ll! Congratulations, again, to Margeaux for having the guts to take on such an ambitious venture as Back Talk Cafe! 272 more words


3. "I will dance in Barranquilla"

VALENTINA: That’s why I was so happy to receive the invitation to the Cafe, to dance! And next year, I am determined to return home to dance for Carnival! 525 more words


1. Out-of-the-Boxes Cafe Celebration

Walls are going up, floor is almost finished. They simply would not stay quietly cooped in their cardboard and plastic boxes for another second, so decided this is as good a time as any to start the reel. 587 more words


Foster Flip-Flop

As the person who approves the adoption applications for our rescue, sets up and often does the meet and greets, I have a confession to make.   609 more words


Meet Margeaux

A couple of weeks ago, I did something I rarely do, but when I do it, it’s for someone special.  Often while working in a different town, I try to visit the local shelter and on this particular instance, I knew that there was a special dog in house.   360 more words