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Why risking nuclear war should be a war crime

Nov 19, JDN 2458078

“What is the value of a human life?” is a notoriously difficult question, probably because people keep trying to answer it in terms of dollars, and it rightfully offends our moral sensibilities to do so. 2,285 more words

Public Policy

Law of diminishing Marginal utility

Mrginal utility in economics is an additional utility that a consumer get from additional consumption of the successive unit.

Let me explain you with an example. 113 more words


A2 Revision - Marginal Utility Theory

With the A2 exam not far away I thought it appropriate to post something on Marginal Utility. This is usually a multiple-choice question and part of an essay. 497 more words


Deactivated in Chinatown

Every pay period, I receive a physical paycheck and grumble about the lack of direct deposit.  After snapping a photo through my bank’s app I stuff the check back into the envelope.  229 more words


'App'arently Addictive

It’s official. The old saying praising the virtues of the red juicy orb that fell on poor Newton’s head (and added to the woes of high school kids who probably would’ve thought of getting a voodoo doll for the man and sticking pins into it if he weren’t already dead) has now become old news. 1,059 more words

Talent Value Proposition & Compensation Modeling


In today’s competitive knowledge-based economy, the capacity and capability of an organization’s talent increasingly determines its success in the marketplace. At the same time, attracting and retaining great talent is becoming more difficult, as demand for highly skilled people outstrips supply. 1,383 more words


The Cheeseburger Diet

Link: http://freakonomics.com/podcast/the-cheeseburger-diet-a-new-freakonomics-radio-podcast/

Summary: In response to the infamous documentary Super Size Me, one woman toured her local area in search for the best burger.  Shockingly, she didn’t gain a single pound despite eating two burgers a week.  34 more words