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The Marginal utility of Love

The More,
I have of you,
The Less,
I want of you.

Is the US a Top Terrorist State? A Response to Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky may pay lip service to anarchy, but he is a social democrat in favor of some form of statism, and when a statist attempts to designate certain states as “terroristic” they will inevitably fall into contradiction. 593 more words


Austrian Economics Part Three - Value

Matthew John Hayden

Scarcity is the inescapable frame in which human life resides. Our limited minds and bodies subject us to incomplete and halting control over the environment around us. 490 more words


Austrian Economics Part Two - Scarcity

Matthew John Hayden

An Austrian method can show us the nature of our madness. We act to transfer from a present, less satisfying state to a future, more satisfying state. 1,239 more words

Economics (Austrian)


Total utility (TU) is a total satisfaction from consuming all the units of a good. it is a main factor behind our willingness to pay for a good, given out outcome. 252 more words


Pikkety's Capital: 6

The Capital/Labor Split

This chapter is about α, the share of income from capital in total national income. As a quick refresher, capital is an accumulated stock of wealth, while income is a flow of wealth. 655 more words

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