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INGRAINED: 319 North 11th Street

Ingrained, currently on view at Automat, is an installation by Abby King and Marie Manski devoted to the exploration of the 319 North 11th Street building in Philadelphia and the unique community of artist run spaces that have sprung up there in recent years. 500 more words



Have you been to any buffet? Did you like it? That’s not a very good question, I mean who doesn’t love a buffet?

There are usually two kinds of people, one who goes to a buffet and eats the normal amount, and other one (with me included) who doesn’t eat anything from the start of the day because obviously it’s an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET! 490 more words


Newcomb's Paradox, One-Boxing and the Marginal Utility of Money

A very intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) presents you with two boxes: box A is transparent and box B is painted with a thick coat of black paint. 1,872 more words


Throw Out Your TV

by S.A. Prince

There’s probably one in your living room, basement, kitchen and/or bedroom. If you have kids, they probably have one in their room too. 489 more words

"Money is coercive"

…And in the first substantive post here on Contra Morons I will be rebutting this gem of a reblog. Congratulations, “witwitch”!

So witwitch here believes that “money is coercive”: specifically in the situation where a man offers money to women (“normal girls”) in exchange for their rendering sexual or adult entertainment services. 787 more words


Of Fences and Diamonds

There’s at least one issue Bob and Tom Sawyer would have disagreed about. I got some e-mails and Skype-messages after my latest article about Bob. So for all of you that wonder: Yes, Bob is real, no invention and no exaggeration either. 871 more words


The law of diminishing Marginal Utility

Marginal Utility in Economics interests me and makes a whole lot of sense actually because the more you get of something the less valuable it becomes. 181 more words

Marginal Utility