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It is time for the Church to stop campaigning and start doing!

It’s time for the Church to stop campaigning and start doing.

All too often recently we have seen the Church, whether through Clergy or Bishops, get involved in campaigns and in particular partisan campaigns. 1,091 more words


Tuesday Talks with Nicole Conner

Tuesday Talks with Nicole Conner.

Nicole Conner was born in Hamburg, Germany. An only child, her parents moved to South Africa when she was 7. Living in apartheid-ridden South Africa through the 70’s deeply affected her life narrative and continues to inform her worldview today. 1,559 more words

Tuesday Talks

Am I just a walking piece of stone?

We constitute of the same.

Our actions are mostly indifferent.

They do nothing, aren’t that lame?

Hard, soft and coloured,

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Review: 24:7 Festival. Gary: A Love Story.

Gary: A Love Story
Martin Harris Centre, Manchester
Saturday 25 July 2015

Gary: A Love Story

I interrupted a trip away for this play because I couldn’t ignore the title. 296 more words


Jesus loved the marginalised..... and so should we

New week of readings this week and have turned to Luke.  Interesting to note Luke’s observations of Jesus being compassionate and a friend to the  “marginalised”. 331 more words

Urban Seed part 2: Working on the margins in suburbia

Urban Seed seeks to connect wherever there is need, and Geelong’s Norlane is what they have found

As our exploratory trip of experiencing intentional communities nears its end, I am thankful that things worked out the way they have in terms of travel planning. 1,129 more words


There has got to be a better way?

“There has got to be a better way for wealthy churches to partner with churches that are in deprived communities. You know a number of years ago I heard an African-American gentleman who is the head of a ministry that is in a deprived community and he was speaking to the leadership of a very white very wealthy church and this African-American leader said to this very wealthy church that was supporting his ministry I need to confess something to you. 139 more words