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If you build it will they come?

If you build it, will they come?

Emergent technologies and access to global networking systems has radically changed the way individuals from vastly unique cultures, regions and communities navigate ways of living in the 21st century. 528 more words

Candid Lollipop date confession

A week past exploring Dolpo, a himalayan district in Karnali region. The intimate details of how people, lifestyle, education, culture, an ancient Bon religion lies intertwined in the context of globalization and international aid lies unclear in my heart and mind. 894 more words

Help Needed! Do you Live in Lanarkshire?

I am helping to stage an event on behalf of the British Society of Gerontology and NHS Lanarkshire next week where it hoped we can bring staff, students and older people together to discuss and identify some local priorities for research in the coming years. 387 more words


Placing ALL patients and carers at the heart of patient safety research: introducing our new theme on marginalised groups

by Caroline Sanders, Research Lead in Safety in Marginalised Groups: Patients and Carers

In his 2013 review for improving patient safety, Don Berwick emphasised the importance of seeking out the voice of patients and carers, and ensuring they are ‘present, powerful and involved’ at all levels. 459 more words

Patient Safety

Nick Hardwick: Experts by Experience: Prisoners as researchers, ethical and practical problems...

This presentation will focus on presenting and leading discussion on the possible ethical and practical challenges on working with prisoners as researchers – as participants rather than subjects – and what some of those solutions to those challenges might be. 213 more words


Ten Things We Need to Know About Dementia

This week the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Intervention and Care published its findings which included 10 key messages that are the things we need to know! 332 more words

Fur, Food And Faith: Life On The Margins

I have left Beijing and have arrived in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in south west China. It is known for many things but two in particular; food and fur. 364 more words