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Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Pupil

ㅤô¿ô …I pray for trans-dads and trans-moms who encourage their child to join them in this insanity. I pray the he-she-they-its get an air-conditioner in Hell. 15 more words


Getting the Gender Balance Right

Women represent only a third (33.3%) of the full-time journalism workforce in the 522 companies surveyed.

The role of women in the workplace is changing, and so is journalism. 1,741 more words

Gender Inequality

Football is Living in The Queer Dark Ages

The movement to stamp queerphobia out of football is what the sport needs, but is it enough?

There are real efforts being made to stamp out racism in men’s football – but as proven in the past week, it still lives ferociously in women’s football. 1,210 more words


Inspiring - what language can do to express the complex emotions that one feels

R sent me this inspiring piece of someone articulating a strong belief and acting on it. While I could never write like this, I am glad that such brilliant people exist and are effecting change in our society. 1,283 more words