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Obasanjo goes off the rails again, says Boko Haram have legitimate cause to kill fellow Nigerians

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo is back in the news and as per usual for the wrong reason. This time he has sparked  another outrage by telling the… 322 more words

Boko Haram

Should of Been a Cowboy: Acculturation

Born in Kentucky and growing up in Texas I was accustomed to riding horses every spare moment, playing in the creek, running around barefoot, and had more animals than humans within a 20 miles radius. 461 more words

Racism Against Asian Teachers and Professors

Thanks to my subscription to Reappropriate, I came across an article called Students Give Worst Reviews to Professors With Asian Names. This got me thinking about how this is one normalized way that anti-Asian racism plays out in our society in a seemingly harmless way. 413 more words

Asian Canadian

Sacred Lessons in Resistance Rev. Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble, DMin, PhD

Matt. 10:14-20; Mark 6: 7-13; Luke 10: 1-20

Black History Month 2015 arrives as a difficult reminder that a core ethic of human equality espoused by Dr. 1,263 more words

I Am Woman

By Amari D. Pollard

In honor of Women’s History Month I dedicate this article to all my fellow women out there.

Everyone always likes to talk about how much progress we as a country have made over the past few decades—“there’s no need to be bitter when there is so much distance between where we were then and where we are today.” 433 more words

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Can "FOB Fever" Crack the Bamboo Ceiling?

By Young Lee Hertig

The term “the bamboo ceiling” coined by Jane Hyun describes the virtual absence of Asian Americans in top corporate CEO positions despite significant numbers of Asian American students at Harvard (18%) and Stanford (24%). 462 more words


The Legend, The Myth, The Cowboy

The cowboy image seen conquering the American West is recognized around the globe, but to some it’s a distant memory only remembered through John Wayne and Roy Rogers. 607 more words