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The Marginalization of Christianity Pt. 1

As American Christians we frequently see debates about whether Christianity is being persecuted in the United States. Strictly speaking, we aren’t being arrested for being Christians, churches are not being seized by the government, and so on. 89 more words


Stories of Marginalization Shared, Not Forgotten at SNC’s Take Back the Knight


On Tuesday, April 5, St. Norbert College hosted its third annual Take Back the Knight event, which took place in Dudley Birder Hall at 8 p.m. 522 more words


Westside Story

We call it Phoenix, and everybody who doesn’t live here believes it to be one city. Those of us who find this forsaken wasteland oasis as our home know that Phoenix is a divided place. 1,404 more words

Power & The Production Of Space


Ancient cultures tended to view illness, both physical and mental/emotional, quite differently than we do today. Some cultures viewed the so-called mentally ill as the wise ones, the shamans, the interceptors between the gods/the life force/the higher power and the humans, and a lens through which to gain new perspective and teachings. 965 more words

Students of Color Perspectives: The Statistics

Hello! My name is Alejandra (Ali) Gatas Johnson and I will be one of your first-year bloggers for Students of Color Perspectives. I blog about what it means to be of mixed heritage (Afro-Venezuelan, American Swedish, and Warao Indian) and what it means to be a student of color in general here at Brown! 449 more words

Students Of Color Perspectives

"In The Real World"

I keep being baffled by people complaining about how “there are not trigger warnings in the real world though! so I’m doing you a favor by triggering you!” 544 more words


Talking about POWER is like talking about AIR ...

PRIVILEGE can be defined as the unearned access to social POWER based upon membership in a dominant social group.  In my opinion, talking about social POWER is like talking about AIR. 545 more words

Prickly Hard Truths