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Anthropology, objectivity, and activism. Processing the field research experience.

There is this image of an anthropologists as a detached observer, who doesn’t let his or her own ideals or visions of how society should function or ethical views of how people ought to treat each other guide her research.  1,848 more words

Field Research In PL 2016

Resources on Race Relations

For the last year, I have been wading into the swampy mess of American race relations. Like all good swamps, the water is murky, every step you take comes with danger of being attacked, and visibility is limited. 562 more words

Good Thinking


I am not a black male but this fact doesn’t mean that I don’t have empathy for the marginalization, abuse, systemic racism or murder of black men, women and children.   635 more words


10 International LGBTQIA+ Reads

Pride month may be over but that seems like a good reason to keep promoting LGBTQIA+ literature. I mostly read books by Western women of color because I seek out stories of marginalization at the intersection of gender and race. 583 more words


Christians, #HashtagsArentEnough

I have never watched an ISIS beheading video. I have never subjected myself to nasty medical videos. I don’t even watch sad movies. My own life is filled with more than enough sorrow and heartache; I don’t need to add more. 1,099 more words


Black Lives Matter = Opportunity for Growth

Black Lives Matter Toronto halted to Pride Parade on Sunday to make some demands of Pride Toronto.

It’s not the first and won’t be the last of their bold activism.  624 more words