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No uniformed officers please.

It’s Pride Week and I want to write about why I don’t think uniformed police officers should be in the Parade.   The police should be welcome, but they should attend the parade as civilians, dressed in ordinary clothing. 1,108 more words

What's in a name? (Embrace your inner bigot)

I’d like us to talk with each other about a trend in our national discussion of personal responsibility, with regard to marginalized groups, which, alarmingly, appears to have been chipping away for some time at the foundational pillars of society. 1,246 more words

Secrets, Shame and Bullying

Hola Everybody,
Recently, a tragic story emerged about a young teen from Staten Island, Danny Fitzpatrick, who was bullied and hounded by his classmates to the point… 1,460 more words

Marginalization and Religious Liberty


During my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to take a class on a genre or subset of literature called Postcolonial literature. Every single story that we read focused on accounts of individuals and people groups who were grappling with the ensuing difficulties that arose from being colonized during the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. 1,174 more words


Questions from the search terms: "everyone has a marginalized identity"

This was an interesting search string that brought someone to my little corner of the internet: everyone has a marginalized identity

I don’t know if it was meant as a question or a statement, but it wormed its way into my brain nevertheless. 650 more words