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Author Anna-Marie McLemore on Love in the Time of Preconceptions

By Anna-Marie McLemore

When I met my husband—who I usually refer to online as the Transboy—I was a teen who’d only recently come out. A few months before, I had, as my best friend describes it, been so deep in the closet I was in Narnia. 487 more words

Latin@ Literature

Neurodiverse folks, stop saying Asperger's isn't a disability

Too many places I visit online are bringing up a troublesome sentiment: That having Asperger’s is only a way of thinking differently. I don’t like it when Autism Speaks claims to speak for me, and I don’t appreciate the Neurodiverse movement doing so, either. 407 more words


MMPJ Coffeehouse: Being #UnapologeticallyMuslim

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just unapologetically be themselves, without fear of judgement or discrimination?

McMaster Muslims for Peace and Justice (MMPJ) is trying to make that a reality for marginalized and oppressed groups on campus and in Hamilton. 178 more words

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Postmodern Enslavement

Hola mi Gente,

I’m simply amazed by how many so-called progressives are now saying that single-payer healthcare — the proven and predominant health care model in almost all other advanced economies — cannot be implemented in these United States. 967 more words

Sharon Olds: Writing the Extraordinary Ordinary

I love Sharon Olds. I am a little late to the party as she has been on the poetic forefront since publishing her first collection, … 995 more words


HR, Football & Hugs

Not the typical title for one of my posts but it pretty much captures what I experienced today at the HRPA 2016 conference. I was one of the crazy fools who got up early to attend a 7am session (good thing the body was still on Atlantic Time!) I am really glad that I did. 695 more words