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Drinking the Silence

The image above has been circling on social media. It is an adapted form of a photo which originally said “Whites Only” on the sign depicted. 797 more words

College to Require Firearms to Ensure Safe Spaces

DYSTOPIA–As part of its continuing efforts to ensure that “every space on campus is a safe space” for student engagement, Dystopia College will now require all students, faculty, and staff to carry loaded firearms at all times, President Overly Payeed-Admyn has announced. 1,316 more words

On ADHD and the Public Sphere

This week I have been thinking about where different types of information belong in terms of public, private and intimate spheres. In class, we talked about marriage and the parts of the marriage that belong in the public sphere. 957 more words

I'm Not Google

By Indigo DaCosta

Something that comes up often on social media is whether or not marginalized groups should be expected to educate others on their identities. 913 more words

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Oppression - Not One Size Fits All

Patricia Hill Collins’ “Toward a New Vision” evaluates oppression on a broader scale, examining the ways in which our multiple identities influence how we experience and perceive oppression. 470 more words

Peer Leader

It’s a little bit early to celebrate International Literacy Day

We have now officially moved from talking about whether someone is ‘literate’ or not, to discussing how proficient their literacy skills are.

This is a significant step forward, which we should celebrate today – … 1,005 more words

Ich lebe am Rand und "potential-arm"...

Ein Dorf will bleiben ist der Titel eines längeren Artikels im Tagesanzeiger vom 13. August 2016. Diese Reportage aus dem Safiental ist wie eine Antwort auf… 452 more words

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