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Unchained Rant: George Takei's "Clown in Blackface"

This really is disappointing. I love George Takei and I’m 100% behind him on gay marriage rights, but this is unacceptable.

Actor George Takei called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “a clown in blackface sitting there on the Supreme Court.”

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Believers and Homosexuality

Do you actually believe that a Gay or Lesbian individual cannot receive love from God; Salvation through Christ Jesus by confessing with his or her mouth and believing in his or her heart…(Romans 10:9) that Christ gave His life on Calvary for their sin (as He did for you and me)? 370 more words

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Christian Life After Yesterday's Supreme Court Ruling: Helpful Links

Here are a few links that I have found helpful in my initial processing of the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized gay marriage and essentially changed the legal definition of marriage. 894 more words

Pastoral Reflections

Conflict exacerbates already existing inequalities

The EFA GMR’s last report showed that only a third of countries had reached global education goals set in 2000, and identified conflict as one of the major barriers to achieving better results. 535 more words

Basic Education

Civil And Human Rights Activists In Hip Hop: Where They At Though?

The following article illustrates the artist/activist narrative of Nina Simone who, felt that hip hop destroyed music, yet ironically, producers like Kanye West have used jazzy and soulful samples from Simone’s body of work, keeping her at the forefront of activism since her death in 2003. 183 more words

Charleston's Solutions Are More than Symbols

“Suffering is wine…sacred wine. If you water it, it isn’t sacred anymore; but watering the wine of suffering is terribly important for the people who don’t suffer.”

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On collecting labels

The inspiration for this post emerged somewhat tangentially to an incident on Twitter several months ago, in which a pair of parent bloggers decided that publicly posting sensitive and humiliating information about their autistic teenager was a great thing to do for awareness. 1,074 more words