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The Lepers colony of Spinalonga

Rare historical document from Crete of 1935 with scenes from the Lepers colony of Spinalonga.


Tales from an aging fangirl

Greetings, fellow travelers!

I’ve been thinking about some things. As you’ll see.

I’ll start my train of thought by telling you that I’m a fangirl, and I have been pretty much my entire life. 2,901 more words


Contributions to The Wild Hunt Thus Far

I’ve been so honored and super excited to write for The Wild Hunt thrice since this time last year. You can find the three articles that I’ve written so far using the following links: 30 more words


don't meet their eye

oh, yeah
good idea

make 'em feel
even more
like they don't exist

(or even better
shouldn't exist
at all)

than they do now

let 'em know
they're not really people

not like you are a person

because there's a clear 
right? 72 more words

The Truly Disadvantaged: Being Young, Male and Living in ‘La Independencia’

“Más vale vivir cinco años como rey, que cincuenta como buey” – street philosophy

In societies like the Mexican, where the distances among social classes are widely tolerated and the social protections aimed for the most disfavored do not constitute civic rights but a limited ‘help’ of low quality, the chance of belonging to a society of equals becomes a distant dream. 3,661 more words


Crone Status

I no longer look for Mr. Right,
can’t envision him in my space
can’t see myself naked under the light,
not the vision to behold… 126 more words

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What Word Describes Trumps Ignoring and Marginalizing You?

What Word Describes Trumps Ignoring and Marginalizing You?

Well, just take your pick: here are several hundred words describing that:

Go Away!

Ingoring, Discounting and Marginalizing You… 5,090 more words