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Intersectionality Of My Marginalization

Every day is a fight.

I have to fight against all socialized norms to demand my place in this country, in this world. As a black person, I have to demand my place in which we have been socialized to see black people as inferior, as criminals, as all things bad in society. 1,325 more words

Tortoise, Hare, and Rabbits

The curtain rises on a small pub. Booths line the wooden walls, the tops of which are lost in a haze of theatrical lighting and smoke. 1,484 more words

Alleged Bomb Threats / University of Buea Strike (My Broken Motherland - Update)

Nov. 28, 2016 – Cameroon Protests Update

For the Cameroon Journal, Fred Ndango alleges that inside sources say, “A group calling itself Defenders of Ambazonia (DA) [] has threatened to embed timed explosives within the campuses to counter measures by the institutions’ leadership to intimidate students to return to classrooms.” 653 more words


Do you think Its Mandatory for Every Cameroonian artist to make a statement about the ongoing strike in Bamenda, Cameroon?

OK guys this topic might be a little out of our norms but couldn’t help but speak about it. A certain lady called Patience Rocka… 80 more words


My Broken Motherland (Cameroon)

I’m Cameroonian. I say that with the deepest pride, and yet these days it seems my patriotism is fleeting. Why, you ask?

As of this morning (Nov. 915 more words


How to survive the Holidays with Socially unaware loved ones

Hey guys, I know that we all have been reeling from election results. I am too familiar with fear of the unknown. Despite the fear and anger, we have to, first, reflect and, second, take action. 986 more words

Prayers in the Margins; a reflection

In her book, An Altar in the World,(1) Barbara Brown Taylor begins with a poem.

“The tender flesh itself

will be found one day

–quite surprisingly— 456 more words