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Being Marginalized Within a Marginalization

Why does life exist? What if human life had never begun? What if there was simply nothing? Or does there have to be something for nothing to exist? 540 more words


Hear Me Out.

I have held onto an article for a few weeks because it emphasizes a problem that has been troubling me for much longer. Recent natural disasters may seem to have solved the problem, but it won’t be long until we feel like we have “pulled together” and “done some good” and go back to our status quo. 447 more words

Personal Mindset

It’s not ok if prisoners can’t read

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day. A group, which has higher rates of illiteracy than other sections of the population but is rarely discussed, is those in the correctional justice system. 823 more words

I am them, they are me

The awareness of “I” emerges from a reflection of the stream of experiential consciousness that awakens when one becomes aware of being observed by an internalized watcher or seer who is felt but never known. 731 more words