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Problematic situations
invite expansion – ego
near the point of torment

I am outcast –
newcomers fail to understand –
this missing motor

so I retreat – 26 more words


Everything Interesting Happens at the Edges

I remember reading about this concept in a book or a magazine or publication of some kind. I wish I could remember what the book or magazine was or who wrote it – but the memory is just at the edge of my consciousness, the way the beach is at the edge of the sea, the way the spaces between us are the places that intrigue, the way disparate parts meet each other somewhere, the way the edge of a bubble is what is vulnerable to popping. 1,056 more words


Spirituality and Psychological Wellbeing

May is mental health awareness month, and as a professional spiritual practitioner I am concerned about the ways in which spirituality is used to undermine psychological wellbeing. 905 more words

'Stay Woke': Don't Forget to Practice Inclusivity and Intersectionality and Stop Marginalizing 'Weird' People of Color

The term “woke” has taken on a political meaning. To “stay woke” means to be liberated and enlightened. It’s used to describe people who are socially and politically conscious, mindful of current social/racial issues in America. 776 more words


Me Too.

Ever been dismissed because you’re a woman in your field?

Ever had your knowledge tested because you’re a woman?

Ever had someone assume your job title or position is ‘less-than’ because you’re a woman? 144 more words


This experience should not happen to any Deaf-Blind patients like that. Policies need to make major changes in hospitals. Deaf-Blind patients should not experience severe oppression.

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Human Development is a well-being concept which involves studies of human condition embracing all economic, social, political and cultural choices. The main objective is to create an environment for people to enjoy, long and healthy lives. 725 more words

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