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Trial by Fire (Act Two)

I keep writing drafts about my second act – but it’s still so new.  Maybe this time next year, I’ll have enough to look back and reflect upon. 50 more words

Margins Fade

The Mouse Daughter (First Act)

There’s a fable I have heard often in my childhood about a childless holy man who takes home a mouse to his wife – and with their powers, they transform her into a perfect little girl, the one they’ longed for and never had.   158 more words

Margins Fade

Despair, Deliberation

There’s too much noise of my own choosing – as in, I am choosing distraction in all its forms.  Deliberately.

By lo.re.n.zo.

What I need is quiet for my mind and soul, and activity for my body.   55 more words

Margins Fade

Watering Hole

Going to the public pool with my family was the beginning of my weekend, rain or shine, snow or sun.  It was socialization with built-in barriers: whether floating on my back or diving deep, my family was close by, and I was left to my thoughts in the depths. 131 more words

Margins Fade

Ultimate Peace

If only I could recover that serenity, experienced as an infant in your arms.  I dreamed it was you, the other night…and woke up to find someone else, running fingers gently through my hair in concern. 16 more words

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"The Luxury of Slowness"

I have watched Tishani Doshi‘s TEDxPalermo talk at least once every day ever since my dance guru shared it with me – and each time, I’ve watched it two to three times in succession. 287 more words

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In a recent essay titled “The Joy of Quiet” travel writer Pico Iyer finds contentment through focus – some might call it (self)absorption: 78 more words

Margins Fade