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Bellyfusions Paris Festival 2015

On January 2015 I spent two weeks in Paris doing dance classes and whatever else came up. I did ATS classes, flamenco and ballet, and of course as I wrote in another post, did some voice lessons.

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Maria Grujicic

Voice Lessons with Leila Florentino Broadway Actress Paris

Where do I start with writing this post! In fact, words can’t express the joy I felt doing voice lessons with Leila Florentino and was blessed to have had this opportunity.

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Quixotic Fusion to Spoken Poetry

Mute this video and listen to my poetry. Wait for the dancer to start moving before you start my first audio.

Let me know what you think?

Poem For Adults

Smiling Kisses

Hi Everyone!
A few days ago I created this video for fun. I love creating and video is such a great way to get a message across. 73 more words

Maria Grujicic

My Big Love

The weather permits me to dance
Sensations build through passing years
Rain grows and returns to the sky
Wind blows in sudden reply
I hide to avoid the ache in the sea… 189 more words

Maria Grujicic


Time was free
As her light was seen
by the dark side of the moon
An end was a must
For a beginning to ponder… 332 more words

Maria Grujicic