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Garden of Joy | Sara

The title of this album, the same as this track, fits it perfectly. Summer of Love jug band music, happy crazy experimental stuff, made the year I was born. 277 more words


Seventies Soul/Folk Women

This is basically a made-up category, but as a child of the 70s, I wanted to recognize the brief period where there were a number of female artists whose music and lyrics pretty much identified them as folk singers, but who had a rich, soulful delivery that Joan Baez would probably sell all her diamonds for. 799 more words

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Maria Muldaur, "Waitress in the Donut Shop"

Waitress in the Donut Shop (Reprise, 1974)

Waitress in the Donut Shop was the follow-up to American folk-blues singer Maria Muldaur’s self-titled, Gold-certified debut album. 135 more words



Did Maria Muldaur and Rock Scully ever team up to hunt aliens?

Mulder. Her name was Mulder.

Close enough.

My 1974 Charts - July

2nd July 1974

School was sort of out, as previously mentioned, but also sort of not, as there wasn’t much in the way of classes left to take, so lots of spare time, great for pop music, playing tennis, watching TV, reading my DC comics purchases (Legion of Super-Heroes and Superman family especially, which all seemed to be on an up with new writers like Cary Bates and the return of child prodigy Jim Shooter imminent) – still babysitting for cash, of course, it was a toss-up between singles, budget albums and comics competing for my money. 3,820 more words