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I Pray

I pray for you, I pray to be by your side, I pray to grow old with you, I pray to marry you, I pray every night, I asked God to help me.

If It's Not with You

I can’t imagine,
Giving kisses to other lips,
If only yours are the only ones I want to kiss,
I have prohibited myself,

I’ve always wanted, 145 more words

Your Light

Tell me, how to capture your attention,
I know very well, they’ve treated you wrong,
They’ve broken your heart,
Hug me tight,
& don’t be afraid, 69 more words

My Full Moon

I swear,
My heart betrays me all the time,
& that’s why I looked at you like, I do,
Like a wolf gazes & howls at the full moon, 233 more words

I need to know...

I need to know

Why I can’t stop thinking of you?

I need to know

What did you do to me?

What is an enchantment? a curse? 112 more words