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Platonic Love

You’re something unreachable,
I know that but I don’t understand,
I’m so hard headed to have you,
I haven’t lost faith,
I’m always delirious,
That I have you in my arms, 104 more words

World of Love

My chest has been filled with pure love,
Not even, when i’m asleep I can’t stop thinking of you,
I say your name & I don’t even notice, 112 more words

The Color of Your Eyes

The color of your eyes,
Woke up my interest,
& I only want to see you again,
& again,
Tell me its not prohibited,
Because perhaps I have courage to see you this Saturday at ten, 117 more words

A dream about you

You came looking for me,
I was surprised,
& I asked you, “if you were okay?”
& you said,”I’m not okay, I feel like an idiot for not giving you an opportunity.” 59 more words

This Love Like Ours

Perhaps, it isn’t perfect,

This Love that has us, together,

That makes us lose,

The Reason,

The Rythym,

This is something different,

I see you, 120 more words

Love Without Words

How can I show you, my love

That this love is immense that I have for you,

Not even a million of words would be enough, 114 more words