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Spiritual Practice

        We must be about our Father’s business, which means the business of our Source, which is love and love only. Anything loving that we do or think contributes to the healing of humanity. 144 more words


Free 4 day Eckhart Tolle Retreat

Eckhart Tolle is kicking off the start of his new foundation with a 4 day Retreat Livestream that is free to join.  Eckhart’s foundation is meant to gather funds to reach out to needy parts of the world that needs his teachings to help with spiritual suffering.  19 more words


Mass Denial

       We must stop looking to our leaders to bolster our mass denial. We must not perpetuate the illusion that the right government, the right technology, or the right armies can fix our problems. 119 more words


The only medicine is love

Our environment now threatens us as we have threatened it, through internal as well as external pollution. Acid rain singes the earth and hatred singes the soul. 149 more words



The history of the world is the history of control—by institutions, individuals and ideas—over masses of people who finally rise up against the control and then avoid, or not, the temptation to try to control others as they were once controlled. 49 more words


The Only Choice

…the deeper the despair that seems to creep around the edges of things, the brighter the light that seems to beckon from the center. … To those who look inward, it is bright indeed. 80 more words


It depends on the messenger

Recently, I was in a conversation with someone (and I will call her Sally) who needed objectivity and unbiased feedback. Sally and I met while attending a meet-and-mingle for female writers event in Hollywood a few months ago. 689 more words