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My Non-food Photographs

OK, I don’t just photograph food and flowers. In July, I made photos of spray paint cans, and then I photographed a set of caps that go on the spray paint cans to produce a variety of spray streams– from soft for fill to thin for line work. 232 more words

Sushi Lunch--Styling and Photo by Marie Kazalia

Still life of veggie sushi roll with carrot, cucumber, avocado and sprinkled with black sesame seeds on top on red patterned sushi plate, with small plates of ginger slices and green wasabi paste, wood chopsticks, red miso soup, tea in Japanese tea cup all sitting on a black table and illuminated through matchstick blinds. 22 more words

Food Photography Red Cabbage Photo Series

Several of the series of photographs I made of red cabbage, radicchio, red onions on a bamboo cutting board made it into my Shutterstock portfolio, and one was downloaded by a buyer in NYC (apparently according to the map pinpointing buyers).

Peaked Whipped Cream on Whisk

I used a ring-light and natural rim backlight from a window to illuminate this peak of whipped cream on a whisk. Honestly, I really didn’t think that it turned out very well. 144 more words

Congrats! Photo Live on Getty Images

What stands out most for me is the long process. Poppies bloom in Spring–April and May– and that’s when I made my photos of blooming red Poppy flowers and buds. 149 more words

Chocolate Ice Cream Cones Photo Sold on Microstock Site

The featured photo above is Chocolate Ice Cream Cones by Marie Kazalia available on Shutterstock here.

The first few downloads of my photos from the microstock sites are interesting to me and kind of exciting too, because they validate my vision. 227 more words

Downloads of My Photos Via Shutterstock

So, I got a couple of subscription downloads on Shutterstock. That means not so much money for me as I would get from a direct purchase of my image, but I am glad for these first Shutterstock sales none-the-less. 116 more words