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Meet the Europeans - Marie Polizzano

Marie appeared in last winter’s Whistler Wednesday short play festival.

Who are you? Where are you from?

I am Marie Polizzano. I play Susannah in… 489 more words

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Shirley, VT Young Artists Blog: Marie Polizzano

So here we are, only ONE more week left of Circle Mirror Transformation. I have to admit, I am already feeling a bit blue! This experience has been incredibly special to me for so many reasons, and I keep learning something new (about the play, or about myself, or about the art of making theatre) with each performance we do. 

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Shirley, VT Young Artist Blogs: Marie Polizzano

Hi there! This is Marie writing again to update you on our status with Circle Mirror Transformation. We opened on Wednesday night, and from the moment I stepped into the theatre that day, there was an exciting buzz in the air.  

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Shirley, VT Young Artist Blogs: Marie Polizzano

The three plays in the Shirley, VT Plays Festival are full of different, unique, and often times, conflicting perspectives. To expound upon this, we asked the youngest cast members of each production to share with us some insight into their experiences in the rehearsal room, and what it’s like getting into the minds of the unique characters that inhabit this small, fictional town. 760 more words