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Attorney Says Medical Pot Shops Are Good For Detroit Neighborhoods

DETROIT (WWJ) – Amid a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit, an attorney with the Cannabis Council is singing their praises.

Nearly two dozen pot shops have been shuttered… 369 more words


Protesters hijack police press conference on Toronto marijuana dispensary raids

A group of protesters attempted to take over a police press conference announcing the results of marijuana dispensary raids in Toronto, putting the chief of police on the defensive amid questions of who exactly the victims were and what harm was caused by the stores. 1,068 more words


Toronto Marijuana Dispensaries: legalization vs legalities

Many are protesting the raids on marijuana dispensaries in Toronto yesterday. The argument is that marijuana will be legalized in Canada next year.  And yet, many are the same people I’ve seen posting articles explaining how no one has to worry: that the future dispensaries will be controlled and regulated and licensed, much like the ones in Denver. 319 more words


Toronto police raid marijuana dispensaries across the city

Toronto police have cracked down on dozens of marijuana dispensaries across the city’s downtown core — raiding storefronts, confiscating files and seizing large quantities of marijuana. 1,387 more words


Toronto medical marijuana advocates 'stonewalled' after city framework debate delayed

Advocates for medical marijuana left a Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee meeting at Toronto city hall frustrated on Thursday, after debate on a possible framework for licensing dispensaries was deferred until the end of June. 496 more words


22 Medical Pot Shops Shut Down As Detroit Goes After Dozens Operating Illegally

DETROIT (WWJ) – Nearly two dozen medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit have been shut down since new licensing and zoning regulations took effect in March. 250 more words


POTVALET - Cannabis Dispensaries in California

Cannabis Dispensaries in California

As growing acceptance of medical marijuana continues to rise, California’s cannabis dispensary industry booms. Oakland lawmakers recently voted to sharply increase the number of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and related businesses that can operate. 416 more words

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