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Jeff Sessions Will Not Enforce Federal Marijuana Prohibition in Legal Marijuana States

During today’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General-nominee Jeff Sessions did NOT commit to enforcing federal prohibition laws in legal weed states.

Source: Jeff Sessions Will Not Enforce Federal Marijuana Prohibition in Legal Marijuana States

Medical Marijuana

Just incase you missed it.. November 8th

I must start of by welcoming several states that have recently made moves into the Marijuana industry within the last couple weeks. On November 8th, four states voted in favor of legalizing recreation marijuana use, sale and consumption; these states being California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts. 581 more words

The Drug War's Not In Kansas Anymore - #GoodNewsNextWeek

Source: MediaMonarchy
James Evan Pilato
October 25, 2016

This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Inventor dude turns bad algae into good foam; Thai researchers found cancer-killers in a latex plant; and Kansas slowly steps away from the drug war. 95 more words


It's as simple as corn flakes and whiskey

Let me be very clear, I am informing you first and foremost on industrial hemp.

However, I think to clear up some confusion we also need to take a look at its close cousin in order to get a better understanding. 945 more words

Prohibition: Part 2

I think its fair to say that hemp played a huge factor in us winning WW2. The Kentucky farmers were called to collect all their seeds in order for them to be sent to be cultivated in other parts of the country. 533 more words

History is on our side

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
-Thomas Jefferson

It’s undeniable that early American’s were huge hemp supporters.This included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even good ol’ Betsy Ross made her first flag out of the plant’s fibers. 501 more words

U.S. to reject call to remove marijuana's 'dangerous drug' designation

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration isn’t going to reclassify marijuana and remove it from the list of the most dangerous drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says in a lengthy notice in the Federal Registry that it consulted with the Health and Human Services Department and concluded that marijuana will remain in the class of drugs that have “no accepted medical use in the United States.” 73 more words