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Technology is disrupting everything

Businesses deal with disruption in a variety of ways, but those affected by on-demand seem to realize now that these new digital platforms are an actual threat. 642 more words

Cannabis Compliance: a painstaking but essential task

With the rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry and the myriad of regulations that are continually added to the marijuana rule-book, it can be hard if not impossible for cannabis entrepreneurs to stay aware of all the rules and regulations. 288 more words

Staying the Course in Washington State’s Cycle of Ever Changing Marijuana Regulations

How Seattle-Based Contender Gardens, LLC, Stays Focused on Success

Oaksterdam University alumni are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the cannabis industry. Casey Connell, owner of two Seattle-based commercial cannabis supply businesses, is one such alum. 807 more words

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