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Test for marijuana presence in body:

Marijuana is the drug which comes under the category of both supportive drug and destructive drug. It is helpful in so many medicinal uses also and as well as it is known for its destructive nature also. 222 more words


Sheriff: Teen is Mastermind Behind Marijuana Operation.

UPDATED info from the Middletown Journal:

Investigators say that this teen had been running the operation since he was 15 years old and he had several high school students working for him. 353 more words

These Parents Have a Clue: More Middle Schoolers Are Popping Pills.

Teensavers parent alert.

A new study is out today and it sheds light on a growing problem in our middle schools. Parents acknowledge that more kids are turning to prescription drugs. 318 more words

Drug Monitoring is No Sweat with the Sweat Patch

Suspecting teen drug use is one of the most nerve-wrecking phases of parenting. And if those suspicions are true, things can get even harder. It’s enough to wonder if your teens are doing drugs, but what to do when their use is confirmed is a whole different ballgame. 336 more words

Teen Drug Use

I Can Make Anything Awkward

Today I had to take a drug test. In the scrapbook of my life, it would be marked – “Baby’s First Drug Test.” No, I have never been drug tested before – which is surprising considering I’ve held several jobs in which that probably should have. 545 more words

How Marijuana Drug Tests To Prevent Drug Addiction?

Marijuana is an illicit substance which is taken most by means of smoking.

•A cigarette rolled with marijuana is known as a joint

•A cigar rolled with marijuana is called a blunt… 255 more words

How To Pass A Drug Test (for weed)

A lot of people, including my friends, have asked me how to pass a drug test. To start, there are varying kinds of drug testing, ranging from a take home test administered by a parent or boss at work to a hardcore piss-in-a-cup while the pigs watch you test. 448 more words

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