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Sage Analytics Completes Final Round of Data Validation and Readies for Product Launch

Sage Analytics (www.sageanalytics.com), the developers of a new generation of laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced today the completion of their data collection and final application modeling of a highly anticipated, advanced cannabis potency testing system. 303 more words

In the Spotlight

We were recently in the spotlight when a crew from KDVR-TV/Fox News in Denver, came to our offices. We showed them our new Luminary™ testing device for instantaneous potency measurements of marijuana and cannabis extracts. 26 more words

Colorado Moving To Standardize Pot-Testing Labs

DENVER (AP) – Colorado is moving to establish another marijuana first – the world’s first government standards for marijuana testing.

A bill approved 12-1 by its first committee in the state Legislature Thursday would create statewide laboratory standards for the state’s 18 pot-testing labs. 109 more words


Why Better Marijuana Testing Leads to Better Business

At Sage Analytics, we are revolutionizing cannabis potency profiling. It is our belief that every legal market should have access to affordable, accurate, real-time potency measurement. 305 more words

3 Ways The Luminary Profiler Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition

The LuminaryTM Profiler is a breakthrough product in the legal cannabis industry, providing instant, accurate, and onsite potency testing of THC, CDB, and CBN. With a simple operating system, this desktop device can be used by anyone, anywhere, and it uniquely benefits each stage of the marijuana supply chain. 301 more words

Discover The Brand New Product That Is Revolutionizing The Marijuana Industry (And Learn How You Can Get Your Hands On One!)

The marijuana industry is growing so fast it will soon outpace the growth of smartphones. By 2020, it could generate more revenue than the NFL. To facilitate the growing demands of this booming industry, Sage Analytics has developed a revolutionary new product that will simplify the way the marijuana industry is operating today. 354 more words

Adam Silver on marijuana use in the NBA: 'We're much more concerned about HGH testing'

As legalization of marijuana continues to spread across the country, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in an interview with GQ that the league isn’t taking any immediate action to change its policy. 262 more words