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Capitol roundup: ‘Oregon Promise’ college grants to reach more students

Meanwhile, Oregon faces a marijuana glut and a prominent Republican makes an endorsement.

Good news for community college students, bad news for legal marijuana sellers, a notable endorsement in the Republican primary for governor, and a big deadline top the collection of start-of-the-week news from the Capitol and around the state. 24 more words

Bend Bulletin

Forward Ever, Backward Never: Marijuana

‘Forward ever. Backward never’. The gist of independence is to move forward – to progress. It is to be and do better, but sometimes it includes borrowing ideas from former colonial strongholds. 315 more words

Springtime Planning in Norton


It has been a while since we’ve checked in, and with it being Spring, it seems appropriate to celebrate the new beginnings we will be seeing around Norton soon. 959 more words

420 brings in green for nation's marijuana retailers as pot smokers celebrate 'high' holiday

#Marijuana retailers raked in the green last week as the industry celebrated what experts called history’s single-biggest #cannabis sales day on April 20.

Even My Cannabinoids Got Cannabinoids

High blogees,

Just like many of you, I’m no expert in the science of cannabis. But dammit I’m getting there! Cannabis is a beautiful, complex plant with endless healing properties. 380 more words

NYS Should Legalize Marijuana, Here's Why

NYS Should Legalize Marijuana, Here’s Why

The buzz of marijuana legalization has been around for some time, yet very few states have actually allowed for it to happen. 1,352 more words


Hemp shows potential for treating ovarian cancer - Science Daily


Research into which cannabinoids are effective will go a long way in treating cancer.  Maybe it’s time to rattle our representatives’ cages and insist that research into cannabis be allowed unimpeded.  12 more words