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Cannabis Potency Numbers Can Be Misleading

And everybody has their own response to those properties. “My dispensary is fortunate enough to have most strains above 20 percent,” Henderson says, “but I swear to God some of the lower percentages get me higher.”


Medicinal Cannabis Bill Passes Senate in Australia

A Greens’ private bill to make importing medicinal cannabis easier has passed the Senate, but the government plans to block the changes in the lower house.


Little Girl Tells Her Teacher "My Parents Love Weed"

Kids say the darnedest things.

Meet the little girl who actually told her teacher all about her parents stash! Not only did she tell them her parents LOVE weed, but that they also grow it all over the house! 65 more words


When Your Teenager Asks, ‘Did You Smoke Weed?’

A teenager asking, ‘What choice did you make?’ is often wondering, ‘What choice should I make?’

Published: October 19, 2017 at 05:30AM

Well By LISA DAMOUR… 66 more words


The Healthiest Way To Smoke Marijuana Is Here


The game has changed y’all. This, my friends, is the new trend of smoking some MJ. Paper free, and it’s healthier. 128 more words