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Rennes, Capital of Brittany, February 1992. For the last year or so, I found myself crossing the city, heading towards my favourite hitchhiking spot on National 24, just outside the Citroën car assembly point; yes, plenty of room there, nice and safe for the generous soul that would bring me closer to Vannes and my Rock’n’Roll mates from the Cactus bar and like the chorus of a song I once wrote, looking forward to “ walk down Butcher Street, with my black leather jacket”; I was just 20, leaving behind for a couple of days my life as a musician for the “Smoking Dogs” theater company, swimming in a pool of doubt and uncertainty like most of my peers, dark, fun and life loving, hopeful. 1,311 more words


420 Home Decor

We all have our “Stoner” dwellings. Whether it’s our bedroom, our spare room, or our garage…we all have a little 420 decorating to do! Check out this 420 mile marker sign!

420 Mile Marker – $15.99


Condo boards urged to revisit bylaws in anticipation of marijuana legalization

With marijuana legalization expected later this year, condo boards are being urged to revisit their bylaws in anticipation.

The president of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) North Alberta Chapter said legalization could make some bylaws outdated. 380 more words


Free at last? Not really.

Over a year ago, California voted in favor of recreational cannabis. The rules and regulations are still a bit confusing but we can all agree it has certainly opened doors to new opportunities all while presenting other characteristics of a cannabis user, further pulling away from the stigma. 180 more words


Greatest Love Story EVER Told

I’ve been trying to write the greatest love story ever told since I was divorced. I am sure I’ve written this story at least 20 times. 1,314 more words

This Conversation Never Happened | Flash Fiction

He took out two marijuana joints from the breast pocket of his jacket and offered her one.
“Oh, thanks,” she said, “but I don’t smoke anymore.” She shrugged. 939 more words


Robot assistants and a marijuana incubator

(Source: techcrunch.com)

We’ve had plenty of time to get used to our robot overlords and Boston Dynamics is helping us get there. This week we talk about the company’s addition of a door-opening arm to its SpotMini robot. 117 more words