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Blunt Strangers

I have a T-shirt that came from Carl’s Jr when they introduced Hardee’s Breakfast Biscuits that says “We wake and bake every morning!”. I got it a few years ago when the Ravens and 49ers played in the Superbowl together hosted in New Orleans and the power went out. 245 more words


Sequoia sempervirens

My prayer antenna. There are two redwood from one trunk out front of the little house. On our property, this  Sequoia isn’t much taller than the many Douglas fir.   40 more words

How to Make Compost Tea for Cannabis Plants

Compost is filled with beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, and you can take composting one step further by steeping it in aerated water. This process, called “compost tea,” extracts the microorganisms and soluble nutrients into a water “tea” solution. 1,288 more words


2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup: Day 3 Recap

The 2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup wrapped up on Sunday with some new faces – as well as some familiar ones – taking home trophies. See the photos! 204 more words


Watch This: Golden Girl Estelle Getty Wants "No Reefers" at Her Party

Nowadays you’d hear a pitch for a TV show about four old women living in a home together in Florida and think it’d air on an obscure cable channel or streaming service like Hulu or Amazon. 223 more words


Recap: Republicans Snub Marijuana Legalization at Convention

While there was certainly discussion about building walls to keep out illegal immigrants, protecting Second Amendment rights and religious freedoms, and imprisoning presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, reforming marijuana laws wasn’t on the scheduled agenda at last week’s GOP Convention. 753 more words