30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 10

Prompt: Favorite use of an instrument during a performance

After the 1998 contest, all instruments turned into props and ended up on the backing tracks along with the orchestra. 116 more words


Audio extract: Spring Arrives

To whet your appetite for the forthcoming London premiere of Tokaido Road on 25 February (details here), here’s Scene II from the opera; newly-established in a tea-house, Mariko sings a gentle lullaby to her baby. 23 more words

Tokaido Road

Music Monday: Mariko

Hello everyone it’s the start of another week and you know what day it is out in the Twitterverse! Yes it is another Music Monday installment and you know I am going to bring you something that will please your ears and sooth that beginning of the week angst we all go through. 296 more words


Going back in time!

Mariko Eguchi took us on a virtual tour of a Japanese classroom belonging to the class she is going to connect us with in early December.   199 more words


Mariko: Better Off

This article first appeared at The Queens Tribune on Oct. 23, 2014.

Mariko writes music based on what is affecting her at the moment. She does not restrain herself by style or subject matter. 451 more words


Tororo meal.

Japanese Tororo Meal


Went to have Lunch to Issyouen. 一松園@Mariko in Shizuoka.


I like Tororo so much, I can eat 2 or 3 bowls of rice with Tororo. 101 more words

Yumi's Blog

The Wolverine Inmortal (or how to ruin Wolverine)

So, I’m doing the X-men’s marathon and I arrive to The Wolverine Inmortal, the only one I haven’t watched previously.

WRE rating: 2.98 / 5… 365 more words