Sencha from Mariko, Kôshun

Here is the 3rd 2016 sencha from Mariko I present this year after Kondô-wase and Kanaya Midori cultivars. If these three teas by Matsukawa Yôhei are all excellent, they are also all very different, though from the same mountainside. 230 more words


Sencha from Mariko, Kanaya-midori

That’s the first great surprise of this 2016 season, a sencha from Mariko by Matsukawa Yôhei, already on Thés du Japon with its Kondô-wase but here in quite a different register with the… 293 more words


The taste of spring, shincha from Mariko

Since last week, the 2016 shincha from Mariko (Shizuoka) is available on Thés du Japon. This sencha is made 2/3 of early “inzatsu” type cultivar Kondô-Wase, and a few of other early cultivar, Ôiwase. 416 more words


Tuesday's Tragic Moments in Comics - the Death of Mariko Yashida

Mariko of the Yakuza crime family, Clan Yashida, is best known as the love interest of the X-Man known as the Wolverine. The daughter of the crime lord Shingen Yashida and the half-sister of the Silver Samurai, Mariko was married off to the Yakuza gang to solidify her father’s connections within the crime family. 289 more words

Comic Books

Steve Bein - Disciple of the Wind (3)

I did it again. I managed to read the third book in series without realizing what am I doing until it was way too late to back out. 645 more words


// Mariko! Collaboration work //

sometimes life is full of symbols and that is how we love to express our selves too

this is a fun project we did together again, sometimes to put across what we feel or see… 100 more words

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