// Mariko! Collaboration work //

sometimes life is full of symbols and that is how we love to express our selves too

this is a fun project we did together again, sometimes to put across what we feel or see… 100 more words


// we come undone //

so we got drunk together and is raining outside …

this scene is inspired by this video clip, click here  by Robbie Williams

this new awesome set by Kalopsia at TMD, … 121 more words


JUAL CD Mariko Hirohashi – Relaxing Piano BEST Disney Collection

JUAL CD Mariko Hirohashi – Relaxing Piano BEST Disney Collection

Rp. 30rb

Silakan segera pesan dengan menyebutkan:
~ Nama lengkap
~ Alamat lengkap
~ Judul pesanan… 144 more words


Mariko - #225

Mariko – A quiet unlike any other, a silence so profound that the very frame of what you look at seems to balance on an edge we cannot fathom, and even a feather of speech could cause this serene landscape to crumble and turn to dust. 21 more words


Review: This One Summer

“This One Summer,” written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Jillian Tamaki, was something that I am glad I found through a good friend. The story follows a young girl named Rose, who has gone on a summer vacation with her family to their cottage by Awago Beach. 665 more words


Wolverine Review

When reading this it was reminiscent to me of the Marvel anime Wolverine I saw a long time ago. Both are about Wolverine going to Japan to see Mariko and find out she’s getting married to some abusive jerk. 140 more words