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Marillion--My Mature Musical Meal

Sometimes no matter how hard you urge, cajole, and pester your friends and loved ones…they just don’t like the music you like. Regardless of your persuasive techniques and glowing reviews they don’t like the band, the album, or the genre. 673 more words

This Is The Story So Far

In the halls of the tormented,
screams abound never ended
Children of the damned
Forever Tortured, Unyielded and Unrepentant,
Tormented eyes burned away in those that forever wish to go home and enter into the halls of the living…

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Christian Faith

Whatever Happened To? The Piranhas

The Piranhas were a Brighton based ska/punk band who had a major UK hit with a cover of Jack Lerole’s “Tom Hark” in 1980. They also reached the top 20 with a cover of Lou Busch’s “Zambezi” two years later. 153 more words


Afraid of Sunlight - Marillion

The second album with Steve Hogarth on vocals and songwriting. Everything came together beautifully for this album and we didn’t even anticipate the astonishing ‘Brave’ album that was to follow. 16 more words


Interlude. (a respite and a declaration)

This isn’t part of the ongoing saga, but it’s relevant. I suppose. A purging? A confession?

The diary has been interrupted by personal drama I’ll write about at a later time. 306 more words



So why do I have a new blog name? As a huge fan of Al Stewart (my favorite singer/songwriter) and an admirer of the fiction of Kurt Vonnegut, I wanted to go with… 382 more words

Under Wraps

New Vinyl Still in the Shrink-Wrap

Having time off from the day job always results in spending the hard-earned cash on wax. Here’s the as yet unopened haul from this leave period. 12 more words