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Toxic fan culture

Really interesting piece here about toxic fan culture. The writer references Rick and Morty, a show I’ve never seen (and to be honest, I’m getting mixed reports and have such limited time I don’t know if I ever will) but the idea of the Revenge of the Nerds seems so odd to me. 274 more words


The Music of my Life 1990-1994

If the late 1980s can be identified as a period of cultural and musical fracturing, then the early 1990s is surely defined by a marked and probably permanent acceleration of that divergence. 1,017 more words


Marillion @ Le Zénith Paris - La Villette

Last year in September I ended up in the UK, because why say no to a week-end getaway? It was about the same time I ran into a magazine that had a cover story dedicated to the British rock band Marillion. 791 more words


Marillion Live in the USA February 2018

by Rick Krueger

Hot on the heels of next year’s Cruise to the Edge on February 3-8, Marillion will mount the second United States leg of their ongoing FEAR tour.  495 more words

Progressive Rock

Just For The Record

It’s surprising to me how much I can dislike being busy and having obligations and spending spoon after proverbial spoon without keeping any in reserve for writing, but wind up doing exactly that – to the point where my only creative effort this week was a Trolls coloring page. 1,030 more words


The Music of my Life 1980-1984

The eighties was a decade defined by contradictions. The neon dawn of a beckoning consumer age shone brightly against a dusty background of industrial decay. Newfound freedoms and lifestyles rubbed shoulders awkwardly with centuries-old social norms, often chafing against them. 1,019 more words