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‘Magnificent (She Says)’ – Elbow ‘Little Fictions’ Opening Track Fuels New Personal Journey

There’s something “magnificent” about Guy Garvey’s voice.

It soothes my musical soul and provides a lush sonic backdrop on a warm Saturday afternoon in mid-February. 581 more words


Novel Band Names (Part 4)

A surprising amount of bands have named themselves directly from literary sources.

Good Charlotte got their name from the Carol Beach York novel.

British prog-rockers Marillion were inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s novel… 44 more words


Tuesday Motorway Music™, January 31 - Wintery This And That

Yep, that’s kale. And the white stuff is frost. Was sort of cold over the weekend…

Actually, I have had some other shots in mind out from the garden – but the ones I took at the same occasion as this one turned out not quite passing muster, so that’ll have to wait. 104 more words

Motorway Music™ List

Wednesday with Rare Birds

It’s Wednesday. One part-time job done for the week and the other to start tomorrow. More reading and studying before a quiz tomorrow. More shaking my head and wondering what this country is heading into. 138 more words

Up Late

I stayed up later than I meant to doing my Ocean Systems homework so here is a song about water and death by Marillion. It is based on the true story of… 49 more words

Chart Music #2: February 9th 1984 - When You Want To Suck And Chew It

The second edition of the podcast which asks: who would win in a massive cage fight amongst Radio 1 DJs of the 70s and 80s? 250 more words

Monki's Music

So… Monki is 6 months old. About 9 months ago, I wrote about having a short time where my likes could totally overwrite hers, and that as she grew, she’d start to develop her own tastes and preferences. 949 more words