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August in Review


Earlier this month we attended the  South Florida Tattoo Expo. I have not participated in any tattoo-related event since promising my grandmother I would lay off the ink for a bit, but my husband had to get his Rebel tattoo. 560 more words


Born on This Day: Fredric March (1897-1975)

Next up in the series profiling key figures in Jeanne Eagels: A Life Revealed is Fredric March. One of Hollywood’s versatile actors, his career spanned six decades. 896 more words

Marilyn Monroe

Unresolved Murders: Grist for the Writer's Mill?

Beginning with King William of England in the year 1100, shot through the heart by an arrow, law enforcement records are crammed with unresolved murders—along with the books, plays, and ballads they inspired. 655 more words

The Queer History Of Hollywood Is Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

Whoever says history — even of the queer cinema variety — can’t be recaptured hasn’t visited the Hollywood Museum. The four-floor complex, which inhabits the famed former Max Factor building a short walk from the epicenter of Tinseltown, is a monument to the colorful movie and television history that has doubtlessly helped lead the way to equality in the U.S. 1,042 more words


A Girl I Knew

She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together

J.D. Salinger


Mr first job after leaving school was on a Youth Training Scheme with the Kenning Motor Group.  I only earned £25 a week, so to suplement my wages, I would draw my colleagues’ favourite pop and film stars for a fiver a time.  104 more words