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Outfit: The Marilyn Dress

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram feed for a while, you know that it’s very rare to see me wearing anything white. There’s a good reason for that. 219 more words


I haven't been around much.

I’m still here, though not getting on line much. I haven’t forgotten you, though, and to prove it here’s a picture of Marilyn with a classic American car. Enjoy.


The Paradox of Beauty

I read somewhere that Cleopatra who is considered one of the most beautiful queens of the past was in reality, ugly. It read that the Romans had perpetuated this lie since her success as ruler threatened them. 361 more words


Marilyn monroe

Gorgeous marilyn monroe floral wood plank


Retro Baking: Banana Date Muffins

So I tested out another recipe from Retro Baking Рthis time it was Banana Date Muffins!

They were so easy to make and just delicious! 63 more words