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Attack on Titan voice cast's selfie drawn by Hajime Isayama and turns them into their anime counterparts

http://images.sgcafe.net/2014/12/B30w9yZCIAAuOol.jpg During the announcement of Attack on Titan’s highly anticipated 2nd season, voice actress Marina Inoue, who voices Armin in the Attack on Titan anime, took a little selfie featuring herself, Yui Ishikawa (cosplaying her character, Mikasa Ackerman), Yuki Kaji (cosplaying his character, Eren… – http://bit.ly/1B80kkg

Attack on Titan Fans Celebrated Armin's Birthday

Last November 3, Attack on Titan’s Armin Arlert celebrated his (or her?) birthday. It actually coincides with Japan’s Culture Day, which is to put it bluntly is a day to promote Japanese culture. 135 more words