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Fajita Magic

Y’all, I’ve accidentally invented the best entree ever. It all started when Brent and I planned a dinner party for ten friends.

What to serve? 311 more words

I Remember When... (my OWN Stories)

Chinese Style Pork Chop


Loin Pork (花邊肉 or 肉眼) 500gm

~ slices into approximately half inches thickness

~ tenderize sliced meat using the tenderizer tool (checkers cut front and back) 55 more words


Two Step Prep - the Dry Brine


Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort. That’s how I approach everything, and it is no different when grilling, smoking, or cooking. This brings me to today’s tip – the dry brine. 635 more words



Summer time is a favorite time to always enjoy some sweet tea and a barbecue! Got people coming? Then marinate your chicken over night and get ready for this people pleasing, gluten free, keto friendly BBQ! 132 more words

Weight Loss

Ultimate Beef Marinade

You don’t always need the best cuts of meat to produce superior flavours.  You can easily create delicious tasting beef dishes using this fantastic marinade on any cuts of red meat including; steaks, short ribs, roasts and more. 163 more words


Spicy Skirt Steak Fajitas

Firing up your outdoor grill in Boston this week is not completely out of the question, as the temperature has been in the mid 60’s! These super tasty steak fajitas were grilled in my trusty stove-top grill pan. 507 more words

Remedy As Old As Time

Some people say Chinese people are as old as time. What they mean to say is that The Chinese culture is of the oldest out there. 160 more words

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