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Summer Bean Salad

We recently held our island’s annual fundraising event. Starting sometime in the early spring, I designed a menu that would happily feed most. Any one dish could be omitted, and the rest would still be a great meal. 578 more words



Hit the grill before Summer ends! It is feeling rather chilly in Toronto. I had to pull out my sweater two days in a row! :( For lazy days, a BBQ is the way to go! 319 more words

The Science of Marinades and Marinating, come nerd out with me.

Marinating is something me and my friends have been doing my entire life but up until now I could never really be bothered to understand what was happening, why we did it, or what would make it better. 1,019 more words

Cooking with Ana: Barbecue

Summer is over, and one reason I like summer is the barbecue. Therefore, we decided to indulge ourselves with some delicious grilled food. It is so easy nowadays to organize a barbecue, because you can literally buy everything you need from the market. 246 more words

Marinating vegetables in reverse

I feel like this is the summer of “vinegar.”  Vinegar cooking methods.  Vinegar ‘shrubs’ (basically vinegar and fruit cooked with sugar) to make drinks and cocktails.  638 more words

Cuban Marinate

Recipe from Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center.  Yields 1/2 recipe.

50 gms Garlic, chopped
50 gms Red onion, chopped
1 tbsps Oregano, dried
2 tbsps Cumin, dried… 46 more words


Black Bean Salad with Radish

I have not regularly cooked or prepped lunch for as long as I can remember. All the traveling jobs and a husband that doesn’t take lunch pack, made this my reality until now. 138 more words