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Aloha Tots - Marination

Hallelujah! Let’s take a moment to thank the beautiful state of Hawai’i and the heavenly influence of Korean cuisine, because the combo of those elements produced an incredible dish called “Aloha Tots”. 337 more words

French Fries

The Only Chicken Recipe You'll Ever Need Again: AJP's Chicken Marination

After placing all of the raw chicken in a large bowl, fill it with olive oil until all of the chicken is covered. Add 2 tablespoons of melted butter. 212 more words

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Miso Marination

As many cuisines do, Japanese cuisine has various ways of pickling and marinating to preserve food: nuka-zuke (pickling vegetables in rice-bran paste), asa-zuke (pickling vegetables lightly with salt and other seasonings), kasu-zuke (pickling vegetables or fish in sakekasu) , to name a few. 335 more words