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At the laundromat, a flat screen television hangs above the “TOY CHEST,” a sarcophagus-shaped machine of fun, wherein for 50 cents one can maneuver a three-pronged claw to obtain a treasure. 78 more words

Flash Fiction

Guest Post: Rediscovering Wonder

© Hannah Hereward

© Hannah Hereward

© Hannah Hereward

There is something oddly satisfying about rock pools. These are natural playgrounds for children, and I love seeing the delight in their faces as they turn over rocks, not knowing quite what they are going to find. 915 more words

Scientists Of Faith

The sea was angry that day my friends!

Sea, Sound, same difference –

Is anybody here a marine biologist…..? 6 more words

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The full moon just triggered one of the largest mass spawning events of 2016 

It’s one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on Earth, and it only happens once a year – the annual mass spawning event at the Great Barrier Reef. 773 more words


Dr. Christian Heesch Reached to the Stars

Dr. Christian Heesch reached for the stars when taking on the challenges of becoming a Marine Biologist. He continued full steam ahead with his career by furthering his education and receiving his Ph.D. 241 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch

Christian Heesch - Four Reasons to Consider Collecting Stamps with Your Children

Life-long New York resident Christian Heesch knows that for many people, stamp collecting appears to be a frivolous hobby with no real-world implications. However, there are numerous benefits to those who enjoy… 244 more words

Christian Heesch

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi announces special activities with Marine Biologist Hannah Windmill

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi announces special activities with Marine Biologist Hannah Windmill

Guests are invited to join experiences and insights focusing on marine conservation and diving… 370 more words