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Dr. Christian Heesch Shares the News of the Return of the Phoca Vitulina

Dr. Christian Heesch enjoys the opportunity to attend lectures at Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Last spring, he felt fortunate to be able to attend the lecture presented by guest speaker, Jonathan Ping from Pennsylvania State College. 409 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch

Christian Heesch - Why Marine Biology is Important for Children

Christian Heesch, a native New Yorker, knows that supporting children to be lifelong learners is one of the fundamental aspects of building sustainable and thriving communities. 427 more words

Christian Heesch

If You Want to View Paradise...

I was waiting for this past Monday for nearly 7 months and with nail-biting, heart-pounding anticipation, I watched my fate for the next two years be displayed on a screen along with my fellow batch mates. 746 more words

Peace Corps

Bonding Experience

I moved in with my first host family just 3 days ago, which has been a fantastically enjoyable experience so far… but don’t let the title fool you, that’s not what this post is about! 595 more words

Peace Corps

What I want to be my career

When I was younger I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. At first I wanted to be a fashion designer specializing is the dress department. 263 more words

Book Review: Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

Little Black Lies
Sharon Bolton
Minotaur Books, April 2016
ISBN:  978- 1-250-08067-7
Trade Paperback

From the publisher:The remote Falkland Islands serve as the setting for Sharon Bolton’s chilling new standalone novel.  448 more words

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Dr. Christian Heesch - Tips For Novice Stamp Collectors

Dr. Christian Heesch, working during the daytime as a marine biologist, has been collecting stamps for a number of years and he now has a number of rare pieces that he is happy to put on display. 242 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch