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Dr. Christian Heesch - Traits A Good Scientist Must Have

Dr. Christian Heesch is a marine biologist who uses scientific method in an effort to ensure that all of his research is conducted to a high standard. 239 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch

Marine Biologist Christian Heesch Admires Jacques Cousteau

Though not a scientist in the educational sense, Jacques Cousteau is an explorer that Christian Heesch holds in high regard. As a marine biologist born in the 1980s, the explorations and discoveries made by Cousteau played a big part in Heesch’s desire to study marine biology and underwater mysteries. 200 more words


Dr. Christian Heesch Gives Football Facts for New Fans

Watching football during each season is a hobby of marine biologist Dr. Christian Heesch. He has been a fan of the sport since he was small, learning much of his knowledge from his father. 419 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch

Christian Heesch, a New York Native, Gives Interesting Hiking Facts

Throughout his years of postgraduate study in marine biology, New Yorker Christian Heesch has spent many days hiking around the country. Throughout his many treks and trail adventures he has learned many interesting facts about hiking. 409 more words


Maisie Jessica Ferguson

Maisie Jessica Ferguson, or MJ to her friends, pulled on her hot pink suede boots and stood up excitedly. She gazed at herself in the mirror and giggled in satisfaction. 448 more words

Christian Heesch on Why Scientists Study Marine Biology

As a Doctor of Marine Biology, Christian Heesch has unmatched knowledge in the field. His studies have exposed the necessity of studying marine biology and marine environmental sciences. 424 more words


Dr. Christian Heesch Teaches About Zooplankton

During his time is graduate school for marine biology, Dr. Christian Heesch spent many hours studying the intricate world of zooplankton. Now that he has graduated and become a working professional in his field, he uses his vast zooplankton knowledge to study the smallest organisms that inhabit the oceans. 383 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch