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Dr. Christian Heesch Teaches About Zooplankton

During his time is graduate school for marine biology, Dr. Christian Heesch spent many hours studying the intricate world of zooplankton. Now that he has graduated and become a working professional in his field, he uses his vast zooplankton knowledge to study the smallest organisms that inhabit the oceans. 383 more words

Dr. Christian Heesch

Brinkley Davies: Water Baby


Marine Biologist, Conservationist, (Role) Model

Brinkley Davies is one of those rare people who is truly living their dream. Her life revolves around her love of the ocean, and when she isn’t pursuing her career in Marine Biology, she is surfing, swimming, diving, modelling volunteering or adventuring with her puppy Balu. 73 more words

My first love

I remember the first time I saw you. I felt this calm while you gently reflected the sunlight and shimmered like blue marble. I was 8 at the time and I have loved you ever since. 467 more words

This Is Cae


Most everyone knows the shark as the top predator of the ocean. Sharks are dangerous creatures with an aggressive, powerful, painful bite. Even though we know sharks roam the ocean in search of food with their triangular razor sharp teeth that look like little knives, do we know for sure if they are the top predators? 210 more words

Animal Facts

Hatching Horn Shark

Hatching Horn Shark

Photographer: Marty Snyderman


Species: Heterodontus francisci

The horn shark is a member of the bullhead shark order. It is commonly found along the western coast of North America, particularly along the coast of California and the Gulf of California. 117 more words


School Education: Why is it Important?

Education is important, because you could learn, and make money off what you learned in school. Education might be boring, but it has a lot of upsides to it. 133 more words

The Monthly Scientist: Miss February

Hello, yes we’re running a little late what with it being March and all. Never the less I thought I’d take the time to honour this wonderful biologist, Miss February is… 264 more words