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Facing Unique Mental Health Challenges


Deana Martorella Orellana’s mother, Laurel Martorella (left), and Orellana’s sister, Robin Jewell, hold her Marine Corps photo. Orellana killed herself a year after leaving the Marines. 1,631 more words

Veterans Stories

USMC F4B-4 of VMF-2.  They got all kinds of markings on this thing.

Marine Corps

No Success Without Sacrifice

I’m writing this blog post from a Greyhound bus. My ultimate destination is the Permian Basin region of the Southwest United States because a job offer was presented by the Universe. 580 more words

FRIDAY FOTO (May 11, 2018)

Extra Special Guidance.

Drill instructors from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (California) give a future Marine a taste of what recruit training will be like during the annual pool function at Marine Corps Recruiting Station Fort Worth, Texas. 69 more words

National Security And Defense

Wolf's Eye View: The Life of a Military Member's Family

To have a relative in the military is very hard, but to have a sibling in the military is even tougher. Most people think they understand a family’s sacrifice when they hear of a family with a son, brother, sister, father, mother in the military. 430 more words


Pimps in Our Midst - LewRockwell

Do military recruiters tell recruits that they will be defending other countries instead of the United States?

When you see a young service person thank them then tell them not to die for Israel, Saudi Arabia and ExxonMobil. 553 more words