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I Didn't Bring It On Myself- Part 2, Was I Being Stubborn?

Recently, I have been thinking back to the mid 1980s, during the three years after I got out of the marines and before I left for England. 671 more words

Devine Humor

They say be careful what you pray for, that God has a sense of humor.

As parents we pray. We pray even before we have kids. 764 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Love or Hate?

I have what could be considered a tumultuous relationship with my fellow veterans. I love my brothers in arms from all branches of service, but man do they annoy the crap out of me sometimes. 713 more words

A Tale of Two Midshipmen and *TWO* Majors

Part II of this sordid tale.

I wrote previously, “[H]e probably wishes he hadn’t” contacted the Washington Post. Yeah, I think it’s not “probably” anymore and more like “certainly.” 44 more words

Marine Corps

Amen and Semper Fi

I was fitfully dozing, dreaming — as I often do, as all Jarheads past and present do — of my salad days when I was a young Marine. 745 more words


9/11, Pearl Harbor, and why Saudi Arabia should be a parking lot already

So let’s look at the facts to start with, and then work through my opinions of said facts (not that my opinion matters, but if you’re reading this you probably agree to some level).  932 more words