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He who pays the piper calls the tune

Last night during the Super Bowl I found myself in a pitched Face Book battle in which I was one again cast as Leonidas in the narrow pass of… 818 more words

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Let's Get To Packin'

Alright, so if you’ve ever had a loved one deployed, or even a child or friend away at school, you may have sent a care package or two. 1,211 more words


Good News Stories from the Marine Corps

First, USMC0802 sent this in under the heading, “ gets kicked in the nuts by Congress”:

“I’ve been on this committee for a year and I don’t think I’ve seen a more outrageous or ill-advised order from the service secretary to tell the Marines that they’re going to take boot camp — which has been honed and put together for the benefit of the American people over decades — and you’re going to order them to give a detailed plan in 15 days?” Sullivan said.

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Marine Corps

Fellow Marine, Old Op-For-ian and Stalwart ITOC Reader Needs Some Help


One of the best of the best, a true friend of this site and the old one, a fine Marine and a good friend, is going under the knife tomorrow for some unexpected surgery. 24 more words

Marine Corps

F/A-18C/D Miramar's MAGTF Hornets #1

When the United States began their intervention in the Syrian civil war in 2014, one of the first units to deploy to the area was the Marine Corps’ Marine Air-Ground Task Force, which included F/A-18 squadrons VMFA-232 and VMFA(AW)-225.   280 more words


Vaginas and Guns - a history of me, warped opinions, and raw data.

Disclaimer: Rated R for language, profanity, lack of decency, care for your opinion, Marine terminology, and the truth. I do have a degree in Political Science, but this is not politically correct. 5,204 more words

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Where to Start?

In the last few days, I can’t help but feel a bit restless. On edge, even. As if my life is an ocean and I’m swimming in the deep, fighting to stay afloat. 402 more words