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Getting Chummy with Chester

Chester is the latest permanent resident at the Vancouver Aquarium. He’s a young False Killer Whale who was spotted alone, motherless, podless, injured, and stranded on North Chesterton Beach, British Columbia, a year  171 more words


Do Dolphins Mate for Life?

Lolli asked: “Do dolphins mate for life?”

Answer: Hi, Lolli. This is Annie answering your question. No, dolphins do not mate for life. Normally, groups (called pods) of mostly male dolphins will travel around, visiting pods with mostly female dolphins, mating with the females in the pod. Great question. Keep them coming!


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Journalist David Kirby comments on orca vs free diver incident…

An orca dragged a diver in New Zealand below the ocean’s surface for more than 40 seconds earlier this month, a…

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Underwater | bubbles

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