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Happy Birthday Month, Zephyr!

Happy birthday month, Zephyr! This month, Zephyr turns one year old! 39 more words


Underwater environments have always intrigued me. Back in the days when I worked in biology, I did a lot of snorkeling so it is not difficult to envision submersed seascapes. 374 more words

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Mass Stranding Events Make Science Essential

Hey Turtlers,

If you have not heard, on February 10th, 2017, over 400 long-finned pilot whales stranded in New Zealand. Long-finned pilot whales are apparently the kings of mass stranding and seem to take this title extremely seriously, especially in New Zealand. 972 more words

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UPDATE! Victory for Whales and Other Marine Mammals -2013- reminder the work is never done

We just won another huge victory for whales and other marine mammals and we wanted to share in case you missed the news!

In response to an Earthjustice lawsuit, a federal court just ruled that the government must better protect endangered whales and other marine mammals from… 264 more words

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Crowdfunding for Cetaceans

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I have another bonus post for you this week! It is related to my previous post on grant writing. My friend, Dr. Orbach (who published the… 537 more words


Federal Agencies Use Big Data to Analyze How Many Sea Mammals Were Harmed While Fishing

No one wants to think that a seal was accidentally killed in the same net that caught your tuna dinner. Some people might look the other way and pretend no seals, porpoises, or sea lions were affected by massive fishery operations around the world. 564 more words

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