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Fast Fact

Did you know that bottle-nose dolphins can jump over ten feet out of the water?


Riveting Reads.

A weekly post of riveting reads from my travels around the internet this week! A selection of links, blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am currently loving. 359 more words


Underwater Majesty

If you need a little serenity to get you through the work week, this should help:

Rare Sperm Whale Encounter on E/V Nautilus

This incredible footage was recorded yesterday during a ROV dive by Hercules (the deepest ROV with mechanized arms, high resolution cameras and sampling capacities) & Argus (also fitted with high-res cameras and tethered above Hercules) from E/V Nautilus. 275 more words


Dead 50-Foot Endangered Sperm Whale Washes Ashore At Pacifica Beach

PACIFICA (CBS SF) — Biologists headed to the San Mateo County coast Wednesday morning to try and determine what killed an endangered sperm whale.

The 50-feet sperm whale was found bleeding from its head and into the water along at Mori Point on the south end of Sharp Park State Beach in Pacifica Tuesday. 292 more words


Riveting Reads.

A welcome back to my weekly post of riveting reads around the internet this week! A list of links of blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am loving this week. 244 more words


Thar She Blows!

Identifying wildlife can sometimes be challenging when you can see the entire animal, but that rarely happens when whale-watching, unless you’re lucky enough to witness a breach.  73 more words


New Jersey Tuna Fisherman Arrested For Killing Whale With World War II Russian Rifle

There is an amazing story about of New Jersey involving a dead pilot whale with a bullet wound on a beach, a World War II rifle, and some very determined federal investigators. 645 more words